Current Requests


  • Requested article about CERO and censorship posted.
  • Request to translate this full interview about Star Ocean 5. Part 1 posted, Part 2 in the works.
  • Request to translate this article on demographics for Japanese players posted.
  • Request to translate information on the problems in the Japanese court and justice system and explain why the 99% conviction is something of a misnomer used to spread misinformation.
  • Request to translate information (and perhaps find pictures) of Kumiko Yamada and the Women’s Institute of Contemporary of Media Culture.
  • Request to provide information about what Western games are popular in Japan, both on console and PC.
  • Request to translate into Japanese a script for YouTube.
  • Request on providing accurate information about sexual harassment and the whole train groping thing in progress.
  • Request to translate articles about the Japanese government pressure on media and news organizations in progress.
  • Request to provide information on censorship in English to Japanese localization in progress.