Poll: Main Place Names

As many are well aware, the official Nintendo of America translations for the two main countries in this game are Hoshido for Byakuya and Nohr for Anya.

If you weren’t aware, in Japanese Byakuya means “white night,” so it’s possible Nintendo translated it as Hoshido because “hoshi” means star and “do” is the suffix for things like bushido, the way of the samurai, or kishido for chivalry, and they wanted to give it a Japanese feeling or perhaps have a really weird pun about knights.

As well, Anya translates into “dark night.” It’s possible Nintendo wanted a name that referenced blackness or darkness for that and chose Nohr for its similarity to “noir,” which tends to bring across that idea and is itself a French word, so it also gets across the more European influence.

I’m guessing Nintendo chose these names because they’ll have more of a resonance for English speakers and are easier to pronounce for non-Japanese speakers than Byakuya and Anya do.

Nevertheless, what should our names be? Should the versions of the game also be named like the Nintendo official version, the original or something else?

Answer this straw poll to help us out and leave your comments below!

Thanks for taking the time to do so.