Karasu Corps Returns, as Does Its FEF Translation Project and Some News on Tokyo Mirage Sessions

I’m back!

I got back on Tuesday night (aunt and uncle and set up in southern Kyushu just fine now) and I’ve been working slowly behind the scenes to get the site back running and more translations up, but it might be a few days before you see some translations come online or a week or two to get back to my previous 5 to 10 translations a day norm that I was at before. This is because I need to earn a nice buffer of money to pay for essentials again and then have savings left over to reduce my freelance jobs and pump out that amount of money. There are also a lot of small and large requests for other translations and things.

As I promised when I began this project that I would be as transparent as possible if anything got in the way, this is what that is: my promise to you to be accurate about what’s going on and not just leave you out of the loop.

Now yesterday I started going through comments on the site to see what parts I need to still edit in my old translations and to get backend things done to maintenance all the info, as well starting answering a lot of the correspondence I got while I was gone in e-mail, reddit PMs and Twitter DMs.

I did notice that Tokyo Mirage Sessions doesn’t have its battle and incidental dialogue translated from Japanese so players who don’t speak Japanese have no clue what they’re saying and I don’t think this has been addressed in the restoration patch for the costumes. Therefore, since this is really easy, (I own the game, I’ve played through the game, I have a lot of saves I can use to collect information) I’ll be providing translations for all that incidental dialogue that adds character on my site and if some team wants to find a way to implement it in a patch or something, you’ll be welcome to it. Of course my largest commitment is to Fates, so that takes precedence, but as soon as I get back in the groove, I’ll start posting Mirage Sessions incidental dialogue as a bonus.

Additionally, I had some articles and other requests I had been working on behind the scenes that I should be able to post more on soon and of course when I get the time I’ll start the Angelique project as well. In the meantime, the priorities look like this:

  1. Get the site updated and cleaned up.
  2. Edit old translations, because it’s been a long time since I got suggestions and people have been waiting for them to be implemented.
  3. Start posting new translations and try to get back in the groove, while working on fulfilling older requests.
  4. Tokyo Mirage Sessions/ Angelique

The next time I post it should be a Daily Goals update or a new translation, so it’s good to be back and I hope the regular contributors will continue helping out with your welcomed feedback. Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions or criticisms about my approach too! Thank you for your patience and see you soon!