FEF Translation Master List

Here you’ll find a list of absolutely everything I’ve translated for Fire Emblem Fates. (The changelog above is where you go to find out what’s been changed or updated, as these pages will not tell you that.)

For now, there are three categories, so choose your fate wisely:

Characters, click here for a list of all the pages wherein a character appears in translation, from support conversations, to scenes they are in, to skinship lines to anywhere else they might appear in a translation. The list is ordered alphabetically.

(Please remember that in order to reduce a great amount of stress for me, if a character has a support conversation with another character, only the character who comes before alphabetically will have it listed. I know it may be somewhat of a pain, but I don’t want to go insane from indexing all the variations of support conversations. I might change this if I have free time to later.)

Scenes, story scenes from the game are listed here. They will be listed in chronological order for each campaign, followed by a list of DLC scenes.

System and Menus, click here for a list of system and gameplay-related menus, such as battle menus, my castle conversations and shop lists, item and weapon names and so on and so forth. This is the only category that will be image heavy in time as some of the things to be translated will be in image, not text form.

(Please note: since this is geared to people who want to include it a fan translation, you’ll see a lot of programming gobbledegook until I can get pictures up with translation overlays. Thank you for your patience.)