Poll: Deciding Character Names – Elfy/Elfi/Elfie

As explained in a similar poll about Marx/Marks, the code/text dump for the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Fates has some English spellings of the character’s names in it and I’ve largely been going by this to decide on how to transliterate their names in times of doubt. This is largely why you see me refer to ディーア as Deere, even though other translations make him into Dia, or the official translation puts him as Dwyer. The actual official code calls him Deere, so I consider that the most official and accurate source. That is after all how you would approximate a name like Deere in Japanese.

With エルフィ however, it’s a little difficult. Using the convention of names in English and the rules of English spelling, a multi-syllabic word that has the sound of “ee” is most often spelled with a “y,” or even sometimes “ey” and much less often spelled with “i.” When it is, it is often spelled with “ie,” such Richie, Cassie, Louie or Charlie. You’re much more likely to see Jenny, Mikey, Danny, Mickey, Mary, Bobby, Johnny, Betty and so on. That’s why I translated it as Elfy. But in the code, she’s referred to as Elfi. Treehouse translated it as Effie, which is altogether different, because it gets rid of the L sound.

As with Marks/Marx, did the primarily non-English speaking coders and developers at Intelligent Systems just make a simple mistake or is that the way it should be? Should it be transliterated as Elfi, Elfy or maybe a compromise of Elfie to go along with the Charlie-type names?

Please vote in this poll and let me know which one you think is the most appropriate.

Or let me know in the comments below if you have a different idea or some reason for your decision that you think should be taken into account. Keep in mind, there is no option to keep it as Effie, because we’re not here to repeat Treehouse’s mistakes.

Poll: Deciding Character Names – Marks/Marx

In the official Treehouse translation of Fire Emblem Fates, the eldest prince of the Nohr/Anya Kingdom is known as Xander, but in the Japanese Fire Emblem if, his name is マークス which can be transliterated as Marx or Marks. Why the change? Who knows?

So far I’ve been using Marx because I feel like his character is a very obvious reference to the very famous Marx whose political philosophies have had such an influence on the world, much like Ophelia (Shakespeare), Joker (trump cards) and Eponine (Les Miserables) reference things outside of the world of Fire Emblem.

However, I found in the files of the game that the code refers to him in English as Marks. Is this because non-English speaking coders aren’t aware that the x in the English alphabet is meant to approximate the sounds of k and s at the end of a word? The code doesn’t seem to have problems transliterating other names or it doesn’t seem to have typical Japanese transliteration mistakes, so I’ve been treating it as accurate. Is this the intended English spelling of his name or did they intend to reference good ol’ Karl?

I don’t know. So let’s start a poll. Click here to cast your vote on whether it should be Marks or Marx.

Thank you your participation. And please if you’ve read this far, don’t be lazy, cast your vote! 😛

Poll: Deciding Character Names – Ruuna

In Fire Emblem If, there’s a character who’s name in Japanese is commonly transliterated Ru-u-na. If you can read Japanese, it looks like this: ルーナ.  Because of the way Japanese pronunciation for that first letter works, it can be either L or R. Also, there have been times where translators remove the ー which signifies an elongated vowel sound in Japanese and simply use one vowel instead of two and times when this has not been done.  So in Japanese ルナ (Runa) would be quick and ルーナ (Ruuna) would have a longer “u” sound, something like saying roona vs roooona. Click the link below and let me know what the name should be!

Given this, what should her name be in our Fire Emblem Fates translation?

Thanks for your participation in the poll!