Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Kisaragi x Velour C

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and remember that oh no, Johnny’s dead.

Here’s the support conversation between Kisaragi and Velour for the C level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

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Translation start:

Kisaragi: And another day of excellent results … felled two deer! / キサラギ: 今日も大成功…!\n鹿を二頭仕留められたぞ!

Velour: Here I am drawn by this wonderful smell and it turns out to be you … / ベロア: 素敵な匂いに釣られてやってきてみれば、あなたでしたか…

Kisaragi: Ah, Velour. What’s up? / キサラギ: あっ、ベロア。どうしたの?

Velour: Kisaragi, your spoils … would you mind handing them over to me? / ベロア: キサラギ、あなたが手に入れたもの…\nわたしに譲ってもらえないでしょうか?

Kisaragi: Hm? When you say my spoils, you mean these deer? / キサラギ: えっ? 手に入れたものって、この獲物の鹿のこと?

Err … I had thought to share it with everyone in a bit … / ええと…これは今からみんなで分け合って食べるつもりだったんだけど…

That okay with you? / それじゃあダメかな?

Velour: Ah, you’ve got it wrong … not those. / ベロア: あ、違います…そっちじゃないです。

What I want is those small things clinging to your clothes and nets. / わたしが欲しいのは、あなたの服や網にこびりついてる小さなものたちです。

Kisaragi: What? Clinging to my … branches, mud, fur balls, fallen leaves … / キサラギ: えっ? こびりついてるものって…小枝とか落ち葉とか毛玉とか泥とか…

But it’s just trash? / ただのゴミだよ?

Velour: Don’t mind that, just hand them over. Otherwise, you’d just throw them away, right? / ベロア: いいからさっさと下さい。どうせ捨ててしまうのでしょう?

Kisaragi: Y-yeah … You can take as much you like, but … / キサラギ: う、うん…好きに持っていけばいいけど…

Velour: Thank you … ehehe … these broken and dirty animal horns are the best. / ベロア: ありがとうございます…うふふ…この汚れて欠けた獣の角、最高です。

And these! This fur that has the white streaks in it, the gloss and smell of it means this some of the finest there is … / それにこっちの白い毛の交じった毛皮なんて、匂いも艶もなかなか上等ですし…

Kisaragi: Never mind that, Velour, I’m about to cut up my catches and have a meal. / キサラギ: ベロア、それよりも今から獲物をさばいて食事にするよ。

Let’s all eat together. / みんなと一緒に食べようよ。

Velour: That will not be necessary. / ベロア: 不要です。

Now I must pour all my love into my newly acquired treasures. / 今からわたしは、新しく手に入れた宝物を心静かに愛でなければなりません。

So, I’ll be taking my leave now. / それでは、失礼。

Kisaragi: Whaa- ? And before you know it, she’s gone … / キサラギ: ええっ?\nベロア、もういなくなっちゃってる…

Translation end!

Translation notes: Velour talks like a classy woman who is sure of herself and unaffected by the world around here, though she’s usually extremely polite and uses very kind language. Meanwhile, Kisaragi is a kind of more down-to-earth woodsman type of character who doesn’t really watch what he says, but always seems to be thinking about others. This makes for an interesting rapport between the two. Have some ideas that would change the English to be more natural? Let me know in the comments below.

If you want to see how Nintendo quite liberally changed the tenor of the conversation, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed that here.

Changelog: 4/13/2016 Modified a vocabulary choice due to feedback from Immahnoob. Thanks Immahnoob! For record, the originally translated lines are as below:

Now I must pour all my love into my newly gotten treasures.

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