Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Oboro x Silas C

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and tell me why the caged turd gurgles.

Here’s the support conversation between Oboro and Silas for the C level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

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Translation start:

Silas: Hiya! Hah! Take that! / サイラス:ふっ! はっ! せいっ!

Hm … ? / ん…?

Oboro: ………… / オボロ: …………

Silas: Oh, Oboro. Getting some training in? / サイラス: ああ、オボロ。これから訓練かい?

Oboro: … Yes. / オボロ: …ええ。

Silas: I’ve heard Byakuya’s naginata skills are a power to behold. It’s definitely something I’d like to learn one day. / サイラス: 白夜の薙刀術は強力だと聞くからね。是非学びたいものだよ。

Right then. Why not find out each other’s aptitude with a quick sparring match? / そうだ。お互いの実力を知るために手合せでもしてみないかい?

Oboro: … Hell no. / オボロ: …嫌よ。

Silas: Wh-what … !? You’ve got this terrible look on your face … / サイラス: な、何だ…!?お前、すごい顔になっているぞ…

Is sparring with me that bad a thing!? / 俺と手合わせをするのが、そんなに嫌なのか!?

Oboro: It’s not so much you as … the people of Anya who are disgusting. / オボロ: あなたというより…暗夜の人間が嫌なのよ。

And so, my expression just naturally shows that. / で、ついついこういう顔になっちゃうの。

I’ll be back again if I find out you’re not some creep, so don’t mind me. / あなたが悪い人じゃないってわかったらそのうち戻るから、まあ気にしないで。

Silas: I, I see … well if you think about the grudge between our two kingdoms, it’s no wonder you have some antipathy toward Anya. / サイラス: そ、そうか…両国の遺恨を考えれば、暗夜に対する敵意も無理はない。

And all the more reason to spar, why not take out that grudge on me? / じゃあいっそ、手合せでその敵意を俺にぶつけてきたらどうだい?

Oboro: That’s equally unappealing. If I were you to take out the feelings I have on you right now … / オボロ: それも嫌よ。今のこの気持ちを本当にぶつけたら…

I’d probably kill you. / 私はたぶん、あなたを殺してしまうから。

Silas: …… ! / サイラス: ……!

Oboro: That’s why I’m outta here for today … / オボロ: そういうわけで、今日のところは失礼するわ…

Silas: Oboro … what happened to you, I mean what the hell … ?/ サイラス: オボロ…何があったんだ、いったい…?

Translation end!

Translation notes: This is another place where both characters use similar kinds of language and so, there isn’t as much of a talking contrast as there is a personality contrast. Silas is forward and pleasant, while Oboro is blunt and unpleasant. Got any ideas for improving the English fluency? Let me know in the comments below!

If you want to see how Nintendo wrote some of the most embarrassingly bad dialogue possible, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed that here.

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