Today’s Goals and Jobs – 4/13/2016

Here are my goals and the jobs I’m working on for 4/13/2016. I see some new people have been commenting recently. Thanks much to new and old commenters! Remember to follow me on Twitter to get more updates.

What’s Going On:

Well, I didn’t really have a goal because of the internet issues, but I still got a ton translated:

Hinata x Orochi C

Hinata x Orochi B

Hinata  x Orochi  A

Hinata x Orochi S

Ophelia x Shalla C

Ophelia x Shalla B

Ophelia x Shalla A

Kamui (M) x Sakura C

Ignis x Nyx C

Ignis x Matoi C

Asama x Mozume C

Nyx Skinship Lines

Shigure Skinship Lines

As well, big news! I got a request to do a second game, which is Angelique for the SNES/SFC. So obviously Fire Emblem Fates will continue to be the main attraction until it’s done. Once it is done, Angelique will be the main project, but until then, when I have some free time, I’ll be working on it in spurts, so as not to conflict with Fire Emblem Fates. Look for the first Angelique translations sometime soon.

Today’s Goals

  • Clear up older translations and incorporate feedback to edit them as well catch up on the site. I did a lot of translations while I couldn’t access the internet because the material is on my hard drive, but since I couldn’t access the site, I couldn’t correct older translations. I got a lot of feedback in those two days as well, so I thought I’d take a day to catch up on the backlog.

Possible Complications: Still got paying work to do.

How you can help out: Well, there was a bevy of new translations posted today. Any feedback and criticism is welcome!

Jobs I Need Done

  • I will always and forever need people to comment on my translations as much they can.
  • Vote! It’s spoiler free. If you’re waiting for the translation patch, these polls aren’t going to ruin anything for you.
  • Speaking of feedback, we had discusses before how to do translations of the different personality types for Kamui, the player character. I decided in the end to put notes at the end of the translation if it didn’t affect a lot of lines and to put all three personalities/politeness types together if there were many, many lines that got affected. Take a look at Kamui (M) x Sakura to see how I did it and let me know if that seems like an okay approach.

As always, there’s a page to discuss matter with others or contact me about how they’d like to help out with the Fire Emblem Fates project. It’s been updated to a new page for April. You can use that page for April to discuss things with other members in a more general nature. Thank you for all the people who contacted me or contributed so far! Much love and respect! As well, don’t forget there’s also a page for you to request any kind of Japanese information you need, regardless of whether it’s about Fire Emblem Fates or not. This page has also been updated for April.

Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Ignis x Matoi C

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and don’t bug me or I’ll spray with you bug killer.

Here’s the support conversation between Ignis and Matoi for the C level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Matoi: Hey. I’ve been wondering for a while, but … / マトイ: ねえ。前から気になってたんだけど…

Is that thing you’re always clasping … a protective charm? / イグニスが握り締めてるの…それってお守り?

Ignis: Ah … yes. / イグニス: ああ…そうだ。

Matoi: Hmm … it’s a prayer for safety before you hit the battlefield? / マトイ: ふーん…戦場に出る前の安全祈願?

Ignis: … Is that so bad? / イグニス: …悪いか?

Matoi: I don’t think it’s particularly a bad thing … I just don’t depend on protective charms. / マトイ: 別に悪いとは思わないけど…あたしはお守りなんて頼りにしないわ。

Ignis: Which is to say … / イグニス: なに…?

Matoi: On the battlefield, the things I depend on aren’t something like protective charms … / マトイ: 戦場で頼りになるのは、お守りなんかじゃなくて…

It’s a power that’s more concrete than that … I think it’s the strength of myself and our allies. / もっとはっきりとした力…自分や仲間たちの力だと思うの。

A protective charm won’t protect my friends, nor will it defeat our enemies, right? / お守りは仲間を守ってくれないし、敵をやっつけてはくれないでしょ?

Ignis: … Well, that’s certainly true. / イグニス: …確かにそうだな。

A strong spirit like you, Matoi … probably doesn’t need a protective charm … / マトイのような強き者にとっては…お守りなど必要ないのだろうな…

Matoi: A strong person … like me … / マトイ: あたしみたいな…\n強い人…

Ignis: But I do need a protective charm … even though I know it’s little more than something to soothe my worries. / イグニス: だが、俺にはこのお守りが必要なんだ…たとえ気休めだとわかっていてもな。

You’re a strong genius who can do anything … Matoi, you wouldn’t understand … / マトイのような、強くて何でもできる天才には…わからないだろうさ…

Matoi: ………… / マトイ: …………

Translation end!

Translation notes: This is a sad one. There’s nothing particularly special about how either of them speaks, but I wonder if there’s a better word for protective charm? In any event, if there’s something I can do to make the English flow better, let me know in the comments below.

If you want to see the goofy Nintendo translation, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed the official translation of this conversation here.

Changelog: None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)