Fire Emblem Fates Main Story – Chapter 0 Pre-Battle

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and don’t let the devil see you eat that cupcake.

Edited to version 2.0 with reader feedback. (You can find the original version replicated below.) Here’s the pre-battle story scenes for the very first story chapter in the game.  (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Mid-battle scenes: not done yet. Please be patient!

Post-battle scenes: not done yet. Please be patient!

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Translation start:

Chapter 0 The Hand That Beckons Towards the Future / 無章 その手が拓く未来

Kamui dreamt. / カムイは夢を見た。
A mysterious dream / 敵も味方も自分を兄弟と呼ぶ
Where enemies and allies are known as brother and sister — / 不思議な戦いの夢ー
It would be the dream that / それはカムイの
Darkly hinted at Kamui’s impending fate. / 運命を暗示する夢でもあった。

[Opening Movie]

Two Swords, Black and White / 「黒白二剣」

Faintly drifting/ ユラリ ユルレリ
Upon the rising tide of thought, the scales swirl around / 泡沫 想い 巡る秤
Flowing through paths of water / 伝う 水脈
The hand that beckons toward tomorrow / その手が 拓く 未来(あす)は

Ryoma: Know me, for I am the first prince of Byakuya Kingdom, Ryoma! / リョウマ: 我こそは、白夜王国第一の王子、リョウマ!

Come, general of the Anya army, I challenge you to a duel on horseback! / 暗夜軍の将よ、一騎打ちを所望する!

Marx: And I am the first prince of Anya Kingdom, Marx. I accept your challenge. / マークス: 暗夜王国第一王子、マークス。一騎打ち、受けよう。

Your life shall be extinguished by the naked edge of my blade! / 我が剣の露と消えるがいい!

Translation end!

Translation notes: Man, Aqua’s song is hard to translate! 泡沫 (utakata) is often used as a poetic word to suggest the ephemeral and fleeting, fate and inevitably, and it literally means the top surface of the sea foam that washes upon the shore when the tide comes in. Keep in mind that unlike the title, Aqua’s song is referring to tomorrow specifically. I wonder if it wouldn’t be best to reverse it so it the first starts with, “The hand that beckons toward tomorrow is faintly drifting upon the rising tide of thought, as the scales swirl around, flowing through paths of water.”  Also, Marx’s comment … I’m not sure there’s any good translation for that, so I just try to give the same general feel rather than translate it literally … which would be a disaster. Have a better idea how to translate the rather poetic language in this pre-battle scene? Let me know in the comments below.

Changelog: 8/19/2016 Thanks to an extremely detailed discussion between Sirixu and Immahnoob that literally took me weeks of re-reading extensively to understand I think I’ve reached a better translation of Kamui’s original dream and corrected a mistake in the translation of Marx’s lines. Thanks very much to the both of them for their detailed feedback and back and forth. Additionally, some parts of have been changed to better reflect a more natural translation. There has been no need to change any lines for honorifics. The original version 1.0 lines, for safe-keeping are reproduced below:

Kamui dreamt.
It was a mysterious dream
Where brother and sister become enemy and ally —
That would the dream that
Hinted at the dark road of fate.

Your life shall be extinguished by the flash of my blade!

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