Project Help: Summer Edition

Currently, we’re working on translating Fire Emblem Fates more professionally and accurately than Treehouse did. As always, I’ll need your suggestions on improvements to make it as natural as possible since I am not a native English speaker.

As well, I am going to be translating the untranslated DLC for Tokyo Mirage Sessions as well as the spoken dialogue that remains untranslated in the English version. I’ll need help to decide exactly how to present it and perhaps volunteers to make YouTube videos. In addition, translation of the Super Famicom Angelique will begin soon and I need to find a translation team willing to make a patch.

If you have anything you’d like to help out on, discuss it here.

We need all the help we can get, whether it be programming, editing, proof-reading or any other type of help. Obviously, if you’re Japanese learner and you want to use this help you further your studies, by all means. If you’re an English learner who speaks Japanese like me and want to do so as well, start a discussion and let’s all help each other out! Join Karasu Corps to fight for more transparency and truth!

(Please note: When I first started Karasu Corps, I didn’t know if this comment section would end up being overpopulated with comments, so I made a monthly Project Help page. It seems it isn’t all that inundated with comments, so I’m moving to a seasonal Project Help page.)

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