News on the Situation/FAQ/Timeline for Return

I don’t know if anyone is reading this or if everyone just thinks the site is dead, but hooray it’s not!

If you remember, I temporarily halted progress on the site due to a family emergency from the Kumamoto earthquake. Here’s an update on the situation.

Why has it taken so long and why haven’t you been able to reach me? My aunt and uncle don’t have a home computer or internet connection (this is very common in Japan, especially among the older population) and Kumamoto is pretty rural, which means there aren’t a lot of internet cafes or things like that.

Why have I been here so long? My aunt and uncle were missing. We found them the next week, but it turned out my uncle was severely injured. I stayed in part to help with his recuperation, because he’s old it will take a while and all he has is my aunt and he used to do all the heavy work she required.

Also, their house was destroyed, so they were effectively homeless. It took forever to get a certificate of destruction for insurance to compensate them from the government (TWO FUCKING MONTHS!) and without that they didn’t have the money to move into a new house. We had to find temporary housing, forage their old house for usable stuff, buy new stuff, take care of my uncle, find a new house and now we’re in the process of moving there. The first few weeks we didn’t even have access to enough clean water to get daily jobs done. Thousands of people were huddling in hastily built refuge centers in public buildings or schools and of course we weren’t going to abandon them without helping their neighbors, because we’re comparatively well off. You can’t just help yourself in a disaster.

Couldn’t you leave it up to your family? Not really. I wasn’t the only one. I did have my cousin around too, but we’re both very young and as such don’t have set careers or families to take care of, so most of my family had to take off after a couple of days. The contributed financially to help my aunt and uncle out, but they had reasons they couldn’t be there. The younger, less stable men had to stay around to help out and in the end it was just me and my cousin.

Why middle of July? My aunt and uncle are moving to Kagoshima. Obviously, my fragile old aunt can’t be expected to move her husband by herself. I’m not being sexist, she’s not a physically strong person. She’s very strong mentally, but she needs help. So once they’re in their new house and we’ve got them set up with replacement furniture and stuff, and we have the doctor’s okay for my uncle to be more physically active, then my and cousin I can leave them in good hands.

It’s terribly important for me to do this, because I feel like if family doesn’t step up for family in times like this, then what are we good for?

What will happen to Karasu Corps when you come back? It will go back to normal. I don’t care if I had a massive hiatus. I made a promise and I intend to keep it.

But Fire Emblem Fates is old news? I don’t care. Integrity is doing what you say you will do. People may not care at all. That’s not the point. Serving truth is the point. It doesn’t matter if it’s unpopular.

Why can’t you work on it now? Are you serious? Without a computer or an internet connection? Kagoshima is a little bigger than Kumamoto, that’s why I found an internet cafe, but this is not an appropriate place to do translations that take hours and involve multiple file juggling. I might be able to come in every few days and check up on what’s going on, but not for extended periods of time.

What should do I if a need a translation/clarification in the meantime? PM me at Reddit. I go by u/RyanoftheStars over there. That will be the easiest. I seriously have so many Twitter/e-mail correspondence in the period of time I was gone it’s hard to get through it all and internet cafes can be expensive. (Alas, I haven’t found a cheapo manga cafe, which is weird.) That will be the fastest and easiest way for me to prioritize your request.

Thank you for patience, especially those who contributed feedback, edits and suggestions, and I hope to work with you guys again come mid July! In the meantime, may the raven smile upon you!