Fourth Week Progress Report (4/14-4/21) for Fire Emblem Fates and Karasu Corps.

In the event that I am away from my computer because I’ve gone to Kumamoto to see my aunt and uncle or help search for them due to the earthquake, this post is automatically scheduled to go up and inform people of the reason there were no updates on the site. While it may be a couple of days since my last update, you can safely assume I took an emergency flight to visit my family after getting news that nobody could get in contact with my aunt and uncle and they seem to be missing. I’m most likely either visiting them in the hospital, helping search for them and other missing people in Kumamoto, or (I certainly hope not) getting ready for one or both of their funerals. Once I return to my home, regular updates to Karasu Corps will proceed as always.

For those who are reading this post from Reddit, as I said I plan on being as transparent as possible. Obviously, I can’t predict earthquakes or when they’ll strike in regions where my family lives, so please bear with me.  I can’t promise life won’t get in the way, but I can promise that if I have the ability to communicate what’s going on and when it will get out of the way again, I will.

That said, there were a couple of updates before the earthquake hit and I got the news. All of the translations done in between that period are listed below:

Ignis Skinship Lines

Foleo x Soleil A

Foleo x Soleil S

Ignis x Siegbert C

Ignis x Siegbert B

Ignis x Siegbert A

Oboro x Silas C

Eponine x Setsuna C

In terms of Torrential Downpour, I’m not sure if there will be info graphics going around about Foleo x Soleil at the time this gets posted, but this is without question the most mind-bogglingly altered conversation yet, in which Soleil and Foleo’s unconventional friendship turned romantic relationship gets turned into hair style tips and shampoo shenanigans.

As well, I strongly encourage you to check out Ignis’s cut skinship lines. It provides one of the strongest examples yet of how the cut lines detract from character development, as Ignis’s slow move from suspicion and hurt to trust and love is pretty well-portrayed and to me, an excellent example of how physical intimacy is not “creepy,” but perfectly normal human behavior.

In the event that you’d like to easily see all the other ways Treehouse screwed up the translation, Immahnoob’s comprehensive album, to which I’ve contributed to, can be found here.

In addition, I did manage to complete one piece about gaming demographics in Japan from CESA for 2015.

The daily updates, such as they were for the two days before the quake are as such.



As usual, you can help out on any of the pages above or any other translations by giving your thoughts on what could make them better. All you need to know is English, no Japanese necessary. (As of the time I was notified, I was still waiting for ProfNekko’s feedback on Gray x Ignis humor for instance. Not sure if he/she did that while I was away.) It would be nice to come back to all sorts of great feedback! Thank you to anybody who contributes.

If you have a request, obviously I won’t be able to see it until I get back, but you can find information on how to make one here. As usual, anything from a translation request to Japanese help to game information is welcome. For instance, before I (presumably) left, I did notice a comment about somebody who is struggling with their own Japanese translation. If that person wants help with theirs, I would certainly be amenable to giving it and as usual, you can post general comments about the project on the Project Help page. Since this is the project’s first (and hopefully only) major setback, I’d appreciate it if you kept your comments reasonable if they are about that.

That’s it for this week. Unfortunately not a whole lot, but hopefully I’ll be back next week with alive and healthy relatives and lots of new translations!

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