Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Foleo x Soleil S

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and remember pink eye comes from McDonalds play pens.

Here’s the support conversation between Foleo x Soleil for the S level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Foleo: Soleil … / フォレオ: ソレイユ…

Soleil: What’s up with you, Foleo? / ソレイユ: どうしたの、フォレオ?
YOU calling MY name. Will wonders never cease. / フォレオから声をかけてくれるなんて。珍しいこともあるんだね。
Foleo: ………… / フォレオ: …………
Do you … err … like girls? / あの…その… ソレイユは…女の子が好きなんですよね?
Soleil: Ahaha. You have to ask? / ソレイユ: あはは。今更、そんなことを聞くの?
Of course! I love cute girls! / もちろん!あたしは可愛い女の子が大好きだよ!
Foleo: So you’re not interested in boys? I mean … romantically interested … / フォレオ: 男の子じゃダメなんですか?その…恋愛対象として…
Soleil: I wouldn’t say I’m not interested in them … but I definitely like girls better. / ソレイユ: ダメってわけじゃないけど…女の子の方が断然、好きだよ。
I mean, look there’s no grace with guys, right? So I don’t get worked up when I look at them. / ほら、男の子って華がないでしょ?だから、見てても盛り上がらないんだよね。
Foleo: Oh, I did think so … / フォレオ: やっぱりそうなんですか…
Soleil: But I love you! / ソレイユ: でも、フォレオのことは好きだよ。
My heart gets going when I look at you and I just want to squeeze you oh so tight! / 見ててきゅんきゅんするし、ぎゅーって抱きしめたくなっちゃう。
Foleo: Really? You really think that of me? / フォレオ: 本当ですか?本当にそう思ってくれているのですか?
You’ve never thought it was creepy … that I’m a boy, but I look like this? / 僕は男なのにこんな見た目で…気持ち悪いと思ったことはないんですか?
Soleil: How could I ever think such a thing!! Foleo, you’re so lovely! / ソレイユ: そんなこと思うわけないよ!!フォレオはとっても素敵だもん。
Why would I chase you around so much if you weren’t? / そうじゃなきゃ、あんなに追いかけ回したりしないでしょ?
If somebody’s picking on you, I’ll give ’em what for with my fists! / フォレオを悪く言う奴がいたら、あたしがぶっとばしてやるんだから!
Foleo: Soleil … / フォレオ: ソレイユ…
………… / …………
If that’s true … then would you consider a courtship with me? / それなら…僕とお付き合いしてくれませんか?
Soleil: Eh!? / ソレイユ: へ!?
C-courtship … you mean … like romantically and all? / つ、付き合うって…その…恋愛的な意味でってこと?
Foleo: Yes. Because I love you. / フォレオ: はい。僕はソレイユのことが好きなんです。
Soleil: Y-you love me? / ソレイユ: フォ、フォレオがあたしを好き!?
Foleo: … Am I perhaps upsetting you? / フォレオ: …ご迷惑だったでしょうか?
Soleil: N-no way. No no, it’s an honor … / ソレイユ: ま、まさかそんな。いやー、光栄だなあ…
I feel like I’m heaven, getting a love confession from a cute thing like you … / フォレオみたいな可愛い子に告白されて、あたし、天にも昇るような気分で…
Foleo: Soleil! / フォレオ: ソレイユ!
Soleil: Yeeesss? / ソレイユ: はいっ!?
Foleo: I’m serious, I am. Please answer me seriously … / フォレオ: 僕は真剣なんです。真剣に返事をして下さい…
Soleil: You’re right … sorry. But, I … just don’t know. / ソレイユ: そ、そうだよね…ごめん。でも、あたし…わかんないよ。
I haven’t done anything to make you love me. / あたしフォレオに好かれるようなことなんにもしてないし。
I’ve just been chasing you around … / いつも追いかけ回してただけなのに…
Foleo: … That’s just it. / フォレオ: …だからですよ。
Without worrying about whether I’m a boy or a girl … / ソレイユは僕が男とか女とか、そんなこと関係なく…
You said you loved me, straight and without confusion. / 真っ直ぐに、好きだと言ってくれました。
There’s no other lady like that around. That’s why … I love you … / こんな女性は他にはいません。僕は…あなたが好きなんです…
Soleil: Oo-oooh … / ソレイユ: う、うう…
Foleo: I would have you give me your answer, Soleil. / フォレオ: 返事を聞かせてください、ソレイユ。
Soleil: D-Don’t be so mean, Foleo … I’m the one who’s supposed be seducing you … / ソレイユ: ず、ずるいよフォレオ…いつもはあたしが口説く方だったのに…
But … I … / でも…あたしも…
I love you too … as a woman loves a man. / フォレオが好きだよ…一人の男性として。
Foleo: Really? Soleil … that makes my day! / フォレオ: 本当ですか!嬉しいです…ソレイユ!
That means we’re a couple now! / これで僕たちは恋人同士ですね!
Soleil: Aiiie! Wait … don’t hug me, Foleo! / ソレイユ: ひゃっ!?\nちょっと…抱きしめないでよフォレオ。
Foleo: Why? You’re always hugging me. / フォレオ: どうしてですか?いつもはソレイユから抱きしめてくるのに。
Soleil: Being hugged is different from hugging! / ソレイユ: するのとされるのじゃ違うんだよ!
This is … kind of embarrassing … / こんなの…は、恥ずかしいよ…
Foleo: Well that’s because you’re so cute and I can’t help it. / フォレオ: ソレイユが可愛いのがいけないんですよ。
Also, lying about what you feel is more embarrassing … / それに、自分の気持ちに嘘をつく方が恥ずかしいって…
Isn’t that you said, Soleil? / ソレイユ、言ってませんでしたっけ?
Soleil: Now you’re teasing me, Foleo … / ソレイユ: フォレオのいじわる…
Foleo: Ehehe. You can handle a little teasing. It’s not as if I’m trying to embarrass you in front of everyone. / フォレオ: うふふ。いじわるでいいですよ。恥さらしにはなりたくありませんから。
I’m going to treasure you from now on … just as much as you used to chase me around. / 今まで追いかけ回された分…これからは僕があなたを可愛がっちゃいますからね。
I won’t let you get away, my cute little Soleil. / 逃がしませんよ、僕の可愛いソレイユ。
Soleil: Oooh … I don’t know about this … / ソレイユ: ううう…なんか、悔しい…

Translation end!

Translation notes: In some places, I needed to add some of the context missing from a straight translation of the Japanese. For instance なんか悔しい (nanka kuyashii) doesn’t just mean I feel somewhat regretful about this. It’s an expression used when you don’t know if you’ve made the right choice about a decision. Like say, if you’re out with your friends and you were getting something to eat at the ice cream shop and they chose chocolate chip cookie dough, but you went with your favorite mint chocolate chip. You saw them saying how delicious their flavor was, if you’re saying nanka kuyashii, what you’re really saying is “I don’t know if I should have chosen this flavor,” not “c’est la vie, regret for me!”

Similarly, you’ll hear many Japanese say 嬉しい (ureshii) just by itself. It just means happy, but has a lot of different applications. Much like how in English there can be something of a large difference between “I’m good,” “That’s good,” and something like “It’s all good.” Here it’s very, very close to a meaning like “It makes my day” or expressing some sort of gratitude for a nice compliment, such as the classic “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

Now it is a little tricky to figure out sometimes which of the expressions the writers meant for, but if you’re native, you’re well aware that expressions like these don’t just mean “happy” or “regret.” So contrary to popular belief, that is actually the more direction translation.

Not that it matters in this case, since Nintendo just completely ripped out this entire conversation and replaced with meaningless hair styling tips. In any event, if there’s something you feel could be done about the English here, let me know in the comments below.

If you want to see how Nintendo this confession with Friday night sleepover talk about hair and removed the romantic aspect, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed the official translation of this support here.

Changelog: None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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