Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Foleo x Soleil A

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and I am the Clorox, I speak for the pools.

Here’s the support conversation between Foleo x Soleil for the A level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Soleil: ………… / ソレイユ:  …………

Foleo: S-Soleil? You’re not chasing me around today … / フォレオ: そ、ソレイユ?今日は追いかけてこないんですね…

Soleil: Foleo, you really … are a boy … / ソレイユ: フォレオってさ…本当に男の子だったんだね…

Foleo: What? / フォレオ: えっ?

Soleil: When I asked everyone … they all said you were a boy … / ソレイユ: 仲間たちに確認したら…みんな、フォレオは男の子だって言うから…

Foleo: T-That’s right! I really am a boy! / フォレオ: そ、そうです!僕は本当に男の子です!

You’ve finally come to understand. Thank the gods. / やっとわかってくれたんですね。安心しました。

Soleil: *sigh* … This is such a shame … / ソレイユ: はぁ…残念すぎるよ…

Foleo: Hehehe. You might say that, but there’s nothing you can do about it. / フォレオ: ふふふ。そう言われてもどうにもなりませんからね。

Soleil: But look at yourself closely. / ソレイユ: だって、自分の姿をよく見てよ。

You’ve got big, cute, wide eyes … a delicate body that makes me want to squeeze you … / ぱっちりした可愛い目に…抱きしめたくなるような華奢な体つき…

No matter how you look at it … you look like a girl, don’t you think? / どこからどう見ても…女の子にしか見えないでしょ?

Foleo: I can’t help it if others think like that … but I really am a boy after all is said and done. / フォレオ: そう思われるのは構いませんけど…それでもやっぱり僕は男の子なんです。

Soleil: Yeah, I guess so … You are a boy, no matter what I do … / ソレイユ: そうなんだよね…何がどうなっても男の子なんだもんね…

That means I can’t seduce you … and there’s no reason to chase after you anymore … / それじゃあ、口説けないし…追いかける必要もないってことだからね…

Foleo: Let’s just be friends, boy and girl. Let’s have a normal relationship from now on. / フォレオ: これからは普通のお付き合いをしましょうね。男女の友だちとしてです。

Soleil: Yeah … sorry, Foleo. / ソレイユ: うん…ごめんね、フォレオ。

For misunderstanding you and chasing you around like you were a girl. / 女の子と間違えた上に今まで追いかけ回しちゃって。

Foleo: It’s quite all right. We have solved the misunderstanding after all. / フォレオ: いいんですよ。誤解は解けたわけですから。

Oh … this means I’ll finally get to talk to you normally, Soleil. / ああ…これでやっと、普通にソレイユとお話しできますね。

… That makes me happy. / …僕、嬉しいです。

Soleil: You’re happy to talk to me? / ソレイユ: あたしと話せてうれしいの?

Foleo: Ahaha, of course. / フォレオ: うふふ、もちろんですよ。

Soleil: ………… / ソレイユ: …………

Foleo: … Soleil? / フォレオ: …ソレイユ?

Soleil: Urg … ! / ソレイユ: うっ…!

Foleo: W-what’s the matter? Are you injured? / フォレオ: ど、どうしたんですか?どこか苦しいんですか!?

Soleil: I knew it … cute, you’re cute … / ソレイユ: やっぱり…可愛い……

Foleo: Huh? / フォレオ: へ?

Soleil: Even though I now know you’re a boy, you’re still cute … I mean that last smile’s so cute it’s practically against the rules/ ソレイユ: 男だってわかってても可愛いよ…さっきの笑顔なんて反則だもん。

… That’s it! / …もういい!

You may be a boy, but that’s no problem! Feelings don’t lie and they’re telling me you’re cute! / 男の子でも問題ない!可愛いって気持ちに嘘はつけないよ!

Foleo: O-oh my gods, not this … / フォレオ: ま、まさかこの展開は…

Soleil: Yeah, that’s it … no problem … no problem at all … / ソレイユ: そうだよ…問題ないよ…全く、問題ない…

Mwa ha ha … mwa ha ha ha ha ha … / ふふ…ふふふふふ…

Foleo: T-There is a problem! A big problem!! / フォレオ: も、問題あります!とても問題ありますよ!!

Think about it. / よく考えてください。

Among girls is one thing … but a girl chasing boys around … / 女同士ならいざ知らず…男の子を追いかけ回し、

Rubbing her cheeks against him, do you think of the kind of embarrassment you’re setting me up for!? / ましてや頬ずりする女の子なんて、とんだ恥さらしですよ!?

Soleil: Oh, it’s much more embarrassing to lie about your feelings, don’t you think? / ソレイユ: 自分の気持ちに嘘をつく方が恥ずかしいと思いませんか!

Foleo: No, not this time … oh, that’s it! / フォレオ: 今回ばかりは思いません……そ、そうだ!

I just remember I have something I need to do. Please excuse me, but I need to get going … / 僕用事を思い出しました。すみませんがこれで…

Soleil: Ah! / ソレイユ: あっ!

Don’t run away Foleo! Look, I’m going to make you my cute little pet! / 逃げないでよフォレオ!ほら、いっぱい可愛がってあげるから!

Foleo: Why must things be like this? Soleeeeieeieil! / フォレオ: どうしてこうなっちゃうんですか!ソレイユーーーーー!

Translation end!

Translation notes: There are a couple of areas where I had to get a little creative to express the meaning in Japanese, so I’m not sure if they come across well in English. Do remember Foleo is a little more restrained and formal in his speech, so some of the awkwardness is intentional, but by all means if something is crossing the line into just straight weird, let me know about that or other criticisms you have in the comments below!

If you want to see how Nintendo replaced gradual character development with “hilarious” poodle hair styling time, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed the official translation of this support here.

Changelog: None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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