Fire Emblem Fates Shigure Skinship Lines

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and oh my peach pie.

Here’s the skinship lines for Shigure. Most of these have been cut in the US/European version due to the removal of the skinship gameplay feature. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.) Please note the numbers correspond to the numbered voice file, but I cut off the beginning code, because it has no relevance here. (Anyone wanting to use this for a translation, should know where it goes by the numbers anyway.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

_00: あの / Um …
_01: え? / What?
_02: ~♪ / ♪
_03: 何かついてますか…? / Do I have something on my face … ?
_04: えぇと… / Err …
_05: 髪は父さんには似なかったみたいです / Apparently my hair looks something like my father’s.
_06: 俺もよく、自分の天馬にそうしますよ / I often pet my pegasus like that.
_07: 動物も、頭を撫でると喜びますよね… / Animals love being pet on the head too …
_08: 可愛がって下さるのですか? 嬉しいです / You want to show me your affection? Lovely.
_10: ん…? / Hm … ?
_11: んー… / Mmm …
_12: 人にも翼があればいいのにな… / It’s be nice if humans had wings …
_13: 今日は何をしよう… / What shall we do today …
_14: ああ、撫でてくださっていたんですね / Ah, you’ve been petting as praise, haven’t you?
_15: なんですか? / What is it?
_16: 今日はあんまり、そういう気分じゃないんです / I’m afraid, I’m not much in the mood for that today.
_17: 今は、そっとしておいてください… / Leave me alone for now …
_18: たまに、自分のいた秘境のことを考えてしまいます… / I sometimes think of myself in the Hidden Realms …
_20: ふふっ / Hehe
_21: はいっ / Yeesss
_22: えへへ… / Ehehe …
_23: とても気持ちいいです / This feels so good.
_24: 今度俺の天馬も撫でてやってください / Next time, we’ll go pet my pegasus too!
_25: あはは、そこは弱いんです / Ahaha, that’s my weak spot.
_26: ふふふっ、その手つきはやめて下さいよ…! / Ahahaha, stop with your hands!
_27: もう、大人のくせに悪戯っ子なんですから…!/ Still such a prankster even as an adult.
_28: いいかげんにしないと、俺からもくすぐり返しちゃいますよー? / If you don’t stop that soon, I’ll give you a tickle counter-attack!
_30: うあっ… / Augh …
_31: うぅ… / Oooh …
_32: 好きですよ… / I love you so much.
_33: んん…照れてしまいます… / Mmm … I’ve gone blushing.
_34: 俺の反応見て、楽しんでます…? / You get your jollies by watching my reaction?
_35: 何か期待してるんですか…? / You’re expecting something … ?
_36: お、俺の顔、赤くないですか…? / M-my face, is it red … ?
_37: なんだか、意識してしまうじゃないですか… / I feel so self-conscious right now …
_40: ん…? / Mm … ?
_41: どうしたんですか…? / What’s with you … ?
_42: 大丈夫、俺はここですよ / It’s all right, I’m right here.
_43: 寂しがり屋さんなんですね? / You get lonely easily, don’t you?
_44: ふふ…可愛い / Hehe … cute.
_45: もしかして、誘ってます? / Is that perhaps, an invitation?
_46: 誘いに乗ってもいいですよ?俺が何をしても文句言わないなら…ね / So it’s okay to accept your invitation? If you’re ready for me to do anything I want to you without complaint …
_47: まったく…そんな触り方、どこで覚えたんです? / Jeez … where you’d learn how to touch people like that?
_48: さっきからどうして俺を見ないんです?恥ずかしいんですか…? / Why won’t you look at me all of a sudden? Are you embarrassed … ?

Translation end!

Translation notes: As you can see Shigure’s lines fit his more classy lifestyle, but everyone gets a certain amount of playfulness in their Skinship lines. Any place where I made a typo or mistake? Let me know your criticisms and comments below!

Changelog: None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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