Fire Emblem Fates Kisaragi Skinship Lines

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and don’t blame the trolls.

Here’s the skinship lines for Kisaragi. Most of these have been cut in the US/European version due to the removal of the skinship gameplay feature. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.) Please note the numbers correspond to the numbered voice file, but I cut off the beginning code, because it has no relevance here. (Anyone wanting to use this for a translation, should know where it goes by the numbers anyway.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

_00: わぁー!/ Gah!
_01: んー… / Mmm …
_02: 嬉しいなっ / Nice.
_03: あはははっ / Ahahaha
_04: くすぐったいよー! / That tickles!
_05: あ、寝癖ついてるー? / Ah, have I still got bed hair?
_06: そこ撫でられるの好きだなぁ / I love being petted there.
_07: やっぱり、たまには褒められたいよね / I have to admit, I sometimes love being buttered up.
_08: 髪の色は母上とお揃いなんだよね / I have the same hair color as my mother.
_10: え? / What?
_11: ねえねえ、/ Hey, hey,
_12: わーい!/ Yaaay!
_13: なになにー? / What, what?
_14: 僕も仕返ししちゃうよー? / Shall I pay you back for that?
_15: 僕、童顔って言われるんだー / I’m always told I’ve got an innocent-looking face
_16: もうちょっと大人っぽくなってから合流したらよかったかな?/ Maybe it would have been best if we got together once I’ve become a little more mature?
_17: えへ、ほっぺ柔らかいでしょ / Ehehe, my cheeks are soft, aren’t they?
_18: 闘いは任せて。父上に負けないぐらい、頑張っちゃうよ / Leave the fighting up to me. I’m going to give it my all, as much or better than my father.
_20: あはは / Ahaha
_21: はーいっ / Yeeeesss
_22: 楽しいねっ / That’s fun.
_23: 今日は何をしようかなー / What shall we do today?
_24: くすぐり勝負なら負けないよー! / If we get into a tickling match, I’m not going to lose!
_25: 僕、身体が丈夫なんだよー / I have a rather tough body.
_26: 行軍が長くても、野宿が続いても平気だよ / Even if the marches are long and we have to camp outdoor for a while, I’ll be fine.
_27: ご飯に困ったら言ってね。何でも仕留めてくるから / If you’re ever pressed for a meal, just say so. I’ll pin something down for you.
_28: いっぱい撫でてくれて嬉しいなあ / It’s a lovely feeling when you pet me a lot.
_30: ん…? / Hm … ?
_31: ここにいるよ? / I’m right here, you know?
_32: よしよし、寂しかったの? / There, there, were you feeling lonely?
_33: おいで、あっためてあげるよ / Come here and I’ll warm you right up.
_34: 大好きだよ / I love you.
_35: 目が合うと、キュンってしちゃうね / When our eyes meet, I go all gooey inside.
_36: 君といる時が僕、いちばん幸せー… / I’m always happiest when I’m with you …
_37: 他の人に触らせたりしちゃ、ダメだからね?/ You’re not allowed to touch anyone else, okay?
_40: ……っ / …… uh
_41: ええと… / Uhm …
_42: 気持ちいい… / That feels good …
_43: ほんと、可愛いなぁ… / You really are cute …
_44: 最後まで、守ってみせるよ… / I’ll protect you, till the end …
_45: わっ…そこはまずいかもー… / Wah … That’s a little out of bounds …
_46: ぼ、僕も一応、男なんだけどなぁ… / I-I am a man after all, but …
_47: そんなことして、襲われても知らないよー? / If you keep doing that, it’s your fault if you get attacked!
_48: んー…ちょっと熱くなってきちゃった…かも / Mmm … I think it’s getting warmer … here …

Translation end!

Translation notes:  Kisaragi has some pretty race lines. I promise I’m not making them up! They really do sound like that in the Japanese! Got any suggestions for English fluency improvements? Let me know in the comments below!

Changelog: 4/13/2016 Corrected some typos and grammar, and changed a line thanks to feedback from Immahnoob. Thanks Immahnoob! Any line where the meaning changes, even a bit, is recorded below so you can see it’s original version:

Leave the fights up to me. I’m going to give it my all, as much or better than my father.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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