Poll: Deciding Character Names – Marks/Marx

In the official Treehouse translation of Fire Emblem Fates, the eldest prince of the Nohr/Anya Kingdom is known as Xander, but in the Japanese Fire Emblem if, his name is マークス which can be transliterated as Marx or Marks. Why the change? Who knows?

So far I’ve been using Marx because I feel like his character is a very obvious reference to the very famous Marx whose political philosophies have had such an influence on the world, much like Ophelia (Shakespeare), Joker (trump cards) and Eponine (Les Miserables) reference things outside of the world of Fire Emblem.

However, I found in the files of the game that the code refers to him in English as Marks. Is this because non-English speaking coders aren’t aware that the x in the English alphabet is meant to approximate the sounds of k and s at the end of a word? The code doesn’t seem to have problems transliterating other names or it doesn’t seem to have typical Japanese transliteration mistakes, so I’ve been treating it as accurate. Is this the intended English spelling of his name or did they intend to reference good ol’ Karl?

I don’t know. So let’s start a poll. Click here to cast your vote on whether it should be Marks or Marx.

Thank you your participation. And please if you’ve read this far, don’t be lazy, cast your vote! 😛

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