Today’s Goals and Jobs – 4/9/2016

Tomorrow is Saturday! Here are my goals and the jobs I’m working on for 4/9/2016. Thanks again to everyone who is helping out! Remember to follow me on Twitter to get more updates.

What’s Going On:

I met my goal of doing six supports and one skinship. Lots of them showed significant differences from the Treehouse versions. Here they are:

Foleo x Shigure B

Foleo x Shigure A

Joker  x Sakura  C

Joker x Sakura B

Joker x Sakura A

Joker x Sakura S

Fuuga Skinship Lines

Still haven’t gotten those polls up. Gotta do that!

Today’s Goals

  • Translate 5+ supports, some skinship and who knows what else?
  • Marx and Elfy, I’ve been neglecting you. I promise I’m going to get to your name polls soon.
  • Fawful Friday posts ahoy!

Possible Complications: Luckily, I already did quite a lot of work this morning on an emergency assignment, so I’m free for the rest of the day.

How you can help out: Since the amount of links on this site are getting crazy, if you see a broken link or something hard to navigate, please, please let me know what’s wrong. Of course, constructive criticism on translations, voting in polls, all that is welcome and solicited. You can see updates for all the changes I’m making in the Changelog.

Jobs I Need Done

  • I will always and forever need people to comment on my translations as much they can.
  • Vote! It’s spoiler free. If you’re waiting for the translation patch, these polls aren’t going to ruin anything for you.
  • I’m going to continue to request help for the method of doing in-page links, because nothing I’ve tried so far is working!

As always, there’s a page to discuss matter with others or contact me about how they’d like to help out with the Fire Emblem Fates project. It’s been updated to a new page for April. You can use that page for April to discuss things with other members in a more general nature. Thank you for all the people who contacted me or contributed so far! Much love and respect! As well, don’t forget there’s also a page for you to request any kind of Japanese information you need, regardless of whether it’s about Fire Emblem Fates or not. This page has also been updated for April.

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