Today’s Goals and Jobs – 4/8/2016

We’re heading for the weekend! Here are my goals and the jobs I’m working on for 4/8/2016. Thanks for all your help, guys! Remember to follow me on Twitter to get more updates.

What’s Going On

I did meet met my goal of getting at least five support conversations a day done, but sadly no Skinship. So another day of rather mediocre results. The conversations are as below:

Foleo x Shigure C

Deere x Ophelia C

Kagero x Setsuna C

Orochi x Takumi C

Eponine x Shinonome C

Today’s Goals

  • Keep on chugging, 5+ supports and as much Skinship as I can
  • Those name polls for Marx and Elfy, I need to get to them.

Possible Complications: Gotta keep that real-life workflow flowing.

How you can help out: Feedback, criticism and votes, as always! You can see updates for all the changes I’m making in the Changelog.

Jobs I Need Done

  • If you see a translation page with no comments on it, why not take a brief look? If you see something to fix, tell me about it. If not, say, “This looks good. Didn’t find any problems,” or something to that extent. I do wait a while before I correct and edit translations just to make sure I don’t ignore anyone who comes along to comment, but I do get around to them!
  • Vote! Come on guys, it’s not that hard to click on a straw poll and choose an option! There are no spoilers.
  • I’m going to continue to request help for the method of doing in-page links, because nothing I’ve tried so far is working!

As always, there’s a page to discuss matter with others or contact me about how they’d like to help out with the Fire Emblem Fates project. It’s been updated to a new page for April. You can use that page for April to discuss things with other members in a more general nature. Thank you for all the people who contacted me or contributed so far! Much love and respect! As well, don’t forget there’s also a page for you to request any kind of Japanese information you need, regardless of whether it’s about Fire Emblem Fates or not. This page has also been updated for April.

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