Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Gray x Ignis A

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and remember, meth is bad for you.

Here’s the support conversation between Gray and Ignis for the A level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Ignis: ………… / イグニス:  …………

Gray: Ignis … / グレイ: イグニス…

Ignis: What is it, Gray? / イグニス: なんだ? グレイ。

Gray: I did say you could watch in the midst of making my sweets, but … / グレイ: 確かに俺は菓子を作る様子を見ていてもいいって言ったけどよ…

Since then, you’ve come to see me every time I make candy … ? / お前あれ以来、俺が菓子を作るとき、毎回見に来てるよな…?

Ignis: … Should I not? / イグニス: …ダメだったか?

Gray: No … it’s not that you shouldn’t. It’s just I thought you’re really into it, coming here so often without losing interest. / グレイ: いや…ダメじゃないけどよ。\n飽きもせずによく来るなと思ってな。

Ignis: There’s no way I could get over it … / イグニス: 飽きるわけがない…

The cookie cutters you use for your candy are so adorable … no matter how hard I look, it’s never enough. / 菓子に使う抜型はどれも愛らしいからな…いくら見ても見足りないほどに。

Gray: But … Candy is something that you only really understand the true fabulousness of once you eat them.  / グレイ: けどよ…菓子っていうのは、食べてみて本当の素晴らしさがわかるんだぞ。

All you ever do is look, you never to try to eat, do you? / お前いつも見てばかりで全く食べようとしないじゃないか。

Ignis: You think … ?/ イグニス: そうだったか…?

Gray: I do! / グレイ: そうだよ!

Every time, every single time, once you see them done, you just up and go away! / 毎回毎回、出来上がりを確認したらさっさと帰りやがって!

It’s not that you think they look kind of disgusting to eat, but you just like looking at them, is it?  / まさか見た目は好きだけど、味は不味そうだとか思ってるんじゃないだろうな?

Ignis: Sorry, I don’t think that. But … I … / イグニス: すまん、そんなことは思っていない。だが…俺は…

Gray: … ? / グレイ: …?

Ignis: I can’t … bear it … to eat such cute things … / イグニス: こんな可愛い物を食べるなんて…\n俺には…できない。

Gray: What the? / グレイ: はぁ?

Ignis: Baked goods that resemble bunnies or cats … / イグニス: このうさぎや猫を象った焼き菓子…

It’s too cruel to eat such cute things … I just can’t do it. / この可愛らしい物を食べるなんて残酷なことは…俺には絶対できない。

Gray: H-hey, hey … / グレイ: お、おいおい…

Just how much of a softie are you … you know they’re not alive, right? / お前どんだけ心優しいんだよ…そもそもこいつら、生きてないからな?

They’re just a conglomerate of sugar and flour, you know? / ただの小麦粉や砂糖の集合体だからな?

Ignis: No, you’re wrong. Even then, I can’t. I just can’t bear it. / イグニス: いや、ダメだ。それでも無理だ。耐えられない。

Gray: ………… / グレイ: …………

Tsk … If you’re going to insist, I’m going to force them down your mouth! / くっ…そこまで言うなら無理にでも食べさせてやるぜ。

Ignis: What!? / イグニス: なに!?

Gray: As the maker of these sweets, if someone doesn’t eat them, I can’t enjoy the fun of making them! / グレイ: 作った当人としては食べてもらわなきゃ、作り甲斐ってもんがないんだよ!

Take that! / それっ!!

Ignis: Ack … errgg! Cat candy is coming for my mouth … !? / イグニス: くっ…ぐぬぬ!\n猫の菓子が俺の口元へ…!?

Gray: Look!! Come now, eat it!!/ グレイ: ほらよっ!!\nさぁ、食べろ!!

Ignis: Mmmph … !!!! *crunch* … *crunch crunch* … / イグニス: むぐぐ…!!!!もぐ…もぐもぐ…

What is this fragrant and lovely sweetness … so this is the taste of baked sweets? / な、なんという芳醇な甘み…これがあの焼き菓子の味なのか?

Gray: Yep. How is it, good? / グレイ: ああ。どうだ、美味いか?

Ignis: ………… / イグニス: …………

Y-yes. It’s good. That’s all I can say. / あ、ああ。美味い。そうとしか言えない。

I must apologize to the little kitty who lost its life in my mouth … / 俺の口の中で散った猫ちゃんには申し訳ないが…

Gray, your talent is something else. / グレイの腕前、さすがと言うしかない。

Gray: Hehehe. I accept your compliments gratefully. / グレイ: へへっ。その言葉ありがたくもらっとくぜ。

Well, I’ve now had a good lesson in just how nice of a person you are, Ignis. / まぁお前の人の良さみたいなものは、今回のことでよくわかったよ。

Here’s to you, Ignis. / これからもよろしくな、イグニス。

Ignis: Yeah, the same to you … / イグニス: ああ、こちらこそ…

Translation end!

Translation notes: So … is anyone else reading a little subtext into this conversation or is that just my interpretation? I know the Fire Emblem developers and writers love to write in these sorts of scenes that inflame the minds of their fans, but this one in particular seems really on the nose obvious and not subtle at all. What do you think? Any comments on the translation or English fluency? Let me know in the comments below! (Now I know why YouTubers love saying that all the time, it’s addictive.)

If you want to see the climax of Nintendo’s ridiculously liberal official translation, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed that here.

Changelog: None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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