Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Aqua x Nishiki S

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and be a doll and get me some chips, will you?

Here’s the support conversation between Aqua and Nishiki for the S level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Aqua: Zzz … zzz … / アクア: すぅ…すぅ…

Nishiki:  You’re finally sleeping well … Aqua. / ニシキ:  よく寝てるね…アクア。

Here I am, gazing at your sleeping face … Aqua, you’ve got the look of angel when you’re like this … / こうして寝顔を見てると…アクアもまだあどけない顔をしている…

You really must be dealing with so many things every day … / やっぱり色々と大変な毎日を送っているんだろうな…

Aqua: Zzz … zzz … / アクア: すぅ…すぅ…

Nishiki: Aqua, allow me to touch your hair. / ニシキ: アクア、髪を触らせてもらうよ。

Since I’m always letting you pet my tail, just this little, you won’t mind, right? / いつもしっぽを触らせてあげているんだから、これくらいはいいだろう?

Aqua: Hm … mm …/ アクア: う…ん…

Nishiki: Aqua … good morning. You know it’s already morning, right? / ニシキ: アクア…おはよう。もう朝だよ?

Aqua: Yeah … ah! Morning!? / アクア: えっ…あ、朝!?

Nishiki: Ahahaha, I’m just joking. / ニシキ: あはは、嘘だよ。

Aqua: Wha … ? / アクア: えっ…?

Uh … ahhh … / えと…あっ…!

Once again I’ve … fallen asleep curled up around your tail again, have I? / 私また…あなたのしっぽを抱きながら寝てしまっていたの?

Nishiki: Yep. / ニシキ: そうだよ。

Aqua: S-sorry! I’ve submitted to your kindness again, it seems. / アクア: ご、ごめんなさい。またあなたに甘えてしまっていたのね。

Nishiki: That’s just fine. You know I don’t care if you do. / ニシキ: 大丈夫。ボクはそんなこと気にしないからね。

But more than that, I want to see your sleeping face next to me from now on. / それよりもキミの寝顔をずっと見ていたかったな。

… I could gaze at your face until the morning. /…それこそ朝になるまでね。

Aqua: S-stop with the … weird jokes … / アクア: ちょ、ちょっと止めて…変な冗談は…

Nishiki: Does it sound like a joke to you? / ニシキ: 冗談に聞こえるかい?

Aqua: What …?/ アクア: えっ…?

Nishiki: I love you, Aqua. / ニシキ: ボクはアクアが好きだよ。

You remain so graceful in your strong resolve to live, and yet here, only with me, you show me your weaknesses … / 強く生きようと凛としていながらも、こうして弱いところをボクだけに見せてくれるキミが…

You’re so lovely, I can barely breathe. / たまらなく愛おしいんだ。

Aqua: Nishiki … / アクア: ニシキ…

Nishiki: You probably bear a grand fate far greater than any I can imagine. / ニシキ: キミはきっとボクには想像もつかないような大きな運命を背負っているんだろうね。

And I think surely there’s nothing thing I can do for you, nothing I can give you … / ボクにはきっと、それをどうしてあげることもできないんだと思う…

But I do think I can provide that place of peace for you to rest, so … / でもキミがこうして安らげる場所くらいは作れると思うから…

Will you join me … ? / ボクと一緒になってくれないかな…?

Aqua: Nishiki … thank you. Yes, I do love you too. / アクア: ニシキ…ありがとう。うん、私もあなたのことが好きよ。

When I’m with you, I feel like I can truly be at peace inside … / あなたの傍にいるとこんなに心が安らかな気持ちになれる…

So I want to be by your side from now on, if you’ll let me? / だからこれからもあなたの隣にいさせて?

Nishiki: Yes, of course. I’ll be yours and yours alone forever. / ニシキ: うん、もちろん。\nずっとボクを独り占めしておくれ。

Aqua: Yes, Nishiki … / アクア: ええ、ニシキ…

Translation end!

Translation notes:  This is pretty straightforward, but perhaps you have suggestions for improvements? Let me know in the comments below.

If you want to see how Nintendo completely nixed the folklore out of this series of conversation, head on over to Serene’s Forest, where the Fire Emblem fans have transcribed this conversation.

Changelog: None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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