Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Aqua x Nishiki A

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and remember to lock up your niece in a basement.

Here’s the support conversation between Aqua and Nishiki for the A level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Aqua: Whew … today’s tactics council went on far too long … / アクア: ふぅ… 今日の軍議は長引いてしまったわ…

That said, now’s the most the most crucial period, so I suppose there’s nothing to be done … / でも今が一番大事なときなのだから、仕方ないわね…

Nishiki:  You’re looking pretty tired, Aqua. / ニシキ: お疲れの様子だね、アクア。

Aqua: Nishiki … no, I’m fine, really. / アクア: ニシキ…いえ、大丈夫よ。

Nishiki: Doesn’t look that way to me. You’ve this pallid look on your face and you’re getting bags under your eyes. / ニシキ: そうは見えないな。顔色が悪いし、目元にクマもできている。

Perhaps you’ve not been sleeping lately? / もしかして寝不足なのかい?

Aqua: No, I haven’t … at night I just start obsessing about so many things and I just can’t get to sleep. / アクア: そうね…夜になると色々と考え込んでしまって、眠れなくなるの。

Nishiki: You can’t be doing that to yourself! Getting some proper sleep is just as important as getting a good meal! / ニシキ: それはいけないね。睡眠をとることは食事と同じくらい大切だよ。

Aqua: I understand all that … but … right now I can’t just start whining about it all … / アクア: わかっているわ…でも…今は泣き言は言ってられないのよ…

Nishiki: With everything you’re dealing with, it must be exhausting! Looks like you’ve got a lot of anxiety too … / ニシキ: キミは色々と大変なんだね。悩みも多いようだし…

I don’t think I’m the kind of guy who can solve people’s problems, but … / ボクはこんな性格だし、あんまり人の悩みを解決することはできないかもしれないけど…

Remember the other day? I can at least offer you my tail as a huggable pillow just like then? /この間みたいにしっぽを抱き枕の代わりにしてあげることくらいはできるよ?

Aqua: O-oh, please, if you would stop talking of such things … / アクア: そ、その話は止めてくれるかしら…

Nishiki: Come on … look at it, looook at it. / ニシキ: でも…ホラホラ。

Aqua: Aaaah … aaah … can’t resist looking at it, I’m so pathetic … / アクア: ああ…ああ…見逃せなくなる自分が情けない…

Nishiki: All joking aside … / ニシキ: 冗談は置いておいて…

Aqua, you don’t have to push yourself so hard. If you destroy your body, you’re not going to have anything left to work with and it will all be for naught. / アクア、無理はしないほうがいいよ。キミの身体が壊れては元も子もないからね。

Aqua: Nishiki … thank you. / アクア: ニシキ…ありがとう。

Nishiki: You say that, but I don’t think my words are getting through to you. You’re going to continue pushing yourself to the breaking point. / ニシキ: でもこんな言葉もキミには届かないんだろうね。キミはやっぱり無理をし続ける気がする。

So when you’re feeling like you’ve got nothing left, all I can offer you is my tail. / だからそんなときにボクにできることは、しっぽを貸すことくらいさ。

Please, call me whenever you need me. / 必要な時にはいつでも呼んでおくれ。

Aqua: Yes, okay, I’ll do that. / アクア: ええ、わかったわ。

I’m probably intruding on your good nature, but when I need to, I’ll try. / ご厚意に甘えさせてもらうかもしれないけど、そのときはよろしくね。

Nishiki: Yes, do that. Now Aqua, you’d best go to sleep quickly. / ニシキ: うん、じゃあね。アクア。早く寝るんだよ。

Aqua: Yes. / アクア: ええ。

Nishiki: ………… / ニシキ: …………

………… /…………

… Aqua, are you chasing my AGAIN? / …アクア、またしっぽを追いかけてきちゃってるよ?

Aqua: … Ah! / アクア: …はっ!

Translation end!

Translation notes: I should mention the pillows Nishiki mentions here 抱きまくら (dakimakura) or those famous anime and manga type body pillows that you can embrace and hug. I wasn’t sure how to translate it, so I used something like “huggable pillow.” I wonder if that works? Is there an English word for dakimura? Help me out with that and other comments, so let me know in the comments below!

If you want to see how Nintendo completely nixed the folklore out of this series of conversations, head on over to Serene’s Forest, where the Fire Emblem fans have transcribed this conversation.

Changelog: None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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