Fourth Week Progress Report (4/14-4/21) for Fire Emblem Fates and Karasu Corps.

In the event that I am away from my computer because I’ve gone to Kumamoto to see my aunt and uncle or help search for them due to the earthquake, this post is automatically scheduled to go up and inform people of the reason there were no updates on the site. While it may be a couple of days since my last update, you can safely assume I took an emergency flight to visit my family after getting news that nobody could get in contact with my aunt and uncle and they seem to be missing. I’m most likely either visiting them in the hospital, helping search for them and other missing people in Kumamoto, or (I certainly hope not) getting ready for one or both of their funerals. Once I return to my home, regular updates to Karasu Corps will proceed as always.

For those who are reading this post from Reddit, as I said I plan on being as transparent as possible. Obviously, I can’t predict earthquakes or when they’ll strike in regions where my family lives, so please bear with me.  I can’t promise life won’t get in the way, but I can promise that if I have the ability to communicate what’s going on and when it will get out of the way again, I will.

That said, there were a couple of updates before the earthquake hit and I got the news. All of the translations done in between that period are listed below:

Ignis Skinship Lines

Foleo x Soleil A

Foleo x Soleil S

Ignis x Siegbert C

Ignis x Siegbert B

Ignis x Siegbert A

Oboro x Silas C

Eponine x Setsuna C

In terms of Torrential Downpour, I’m not sure if there will be info graphics going around about Foleo x Soleil at the time this gets posted, but this is without question the most mind-bogglingly altered conversation yet, in which Soleil and Foleo’s unconventional friendship turned romantic relationship gets turned into hair style tips and shampoo shenanigans.

As well, I strongly encourage you to check out Ignis’s cut skinship lines. It provides one of the strongest examples yet of how the cut lines detract from character development, as Ignis’s slow move from suspicion and hurt to trust and love is pretty well-portrayed and to me, an excellent example of how physical intimacy is not “creepy,” but perfectly normal human behavior.

In the event that you’d like to easily see all the other ways Treehouse screwed up the translation, Immahnoob’s comprehensive album, to which I’ve contributed to, can be found here.

In addition, I did manage to complete one piece about gaming demographics in Japan from CESA for 2015.

The daily updates, such as they were for the two days before the quake are as such.



As usual, you can help out on any of the pages above or any other translations by giving your thoughts on what could make them better. All you need to know is English, no Japanese necessary. (As of the time I was notified, I was still waiting for ProfNekko’s feedback on Gray x Ignis humor for instance. Not sure if he/she did that while I was away.) It would be nice to come back to all sorts of great feedback! Thank you to anybody who contributes.

If you have a request, obviously I won’t be able to see it until I get back, but you can find information on how to make one here. As usual, anything from a translation request to Japanese help to game information is welcome. For instance, before I (presumably) left, I did notice a comment about somebody who is struggling with their own Japanese translation. If that person wants help with theirs, I would certainly be amenable to giving it and as usual, you can post general comments about the project on the Project Help page. Since this is the project’s first (and hopefully only) major setback, I’d appreciate it if you kept your comments reasonable if they are about that.

That’s it for this week. Unfortunately not a whole lot, but hopefully I’ll be back next week with alive and healthy relatives and lots of new translations!


Today’s Update 4/16/2016

You may have noticed that today’s post has a different name. This is because real life events have all culminated in rather distressing news. While I’m not from Kumamoto, my aunt and uncle retired there. Luckily, they were relatively unaffected in the first earthquake earlier this week, but after this second earthquake, our family hasn’t been able to get in contact with them, though certainly not from lack of trying.

So I don’t really have any goals for Karasu Corps today, because my attention is focused elsewhere, but once I find out what happened to them and if they’re safe, I shall of course return right away to translating. Perhaps I won’t take Saturday off this week or something like that. See you again soon!

Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Oboro x Silas C

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and tell me why the caged turd gurgles.

Here’s the support conversation between Oboro and Silas for the C level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Silas: Hiya! Hah! Take that! / サイラス:ふっ! はっ! せいっ!

Hm … ? / ん…?

Oboro: ………… / オボロ: …………

Silas: Oh, Oboro. Getting some training in? / サイラス: ああ、オボロ。これから訓練かい?

Oboro: … Yes. / オボロ: …ええ。

Silas: I’ve heard Byakuya’s naginata skills are a power to behold. It’s definitely something I’d like to learn one day. / サイラス: 白夜の薙刀術は強力だと聞くからね。是非学びたいものだよ。

Right then. Why not find out each other’s aptitude with a quick sparring match? / そうだ。お互いの実力を知るために手合せでもしてみないかい?

Oboro: … Hell no. / オボロ: …嫌よ。

Silas: Wh-what … !? You’ve got this terrible look on your face … / サイラス: な、何だ…!?お前、すごい顔になっているぞ…

Is sparring with me that bad a thing!? / 俺と手合わせをするのが、そんなに嫌なのか!?

Oboro: It’s not so much you as … the people of Anya who are disgusting. / オボロ: あなたというより…暗夜の人間が嫌なのよ。

And so, my expression just naturally shows that. / で、ついついこういう顔になっちゃうの。

I’ll be back again if I find out you’re not some creep, so don’t mind me. / あなたが悪い人じゃないってわかったらそのうち戻るから、まあ気にしないで。

Silas: I, I see … well if you think about the grudge between our two kingdoms, it’s no wonder you have some antipathy toward Anya. / サイラス: そ、そうか…両国の遺恨を考えれば、暗夜に対する敵意も無理はない。

And all the more reason to spar, why not take out that grudge on me? / じゃあいっそ、手合せでその敵意を俺にぶつけてきたらどうだい?

Oboro: That’s equally unappealing. If I were you to take out the feelings I have on you right now … / オボロ: それも嫌よ。今のこの気持ちを本当にぶつけたら…

I’d probably kill you. / 私はたぶん、あなたを殺してしまうから。

Silas: …… ! / サイラス: ……!

Oboro: That’s why I’m outta here for today … / オボロ: そういうわけで、今日のところは失礼するわ…

Silas: Oboro … what happened to you, I mean what the hell … ?/ サイラス: オボロ…何があったんだ、いったい…?

Translation end!

Translation notes: This is another place where both characters use similar kinds of language and so, there isn’t as much of a talking contrast as there is a personality contrast. Silas is forward and pleasant, while Oboro is blunt and unpleasant. Got any ideas for improving the English fluency? Let me know in the comments below!

If you want to see how Nintendo wrote some of the most embarrassingly bad dialogue possible, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed that here.

Changelog: None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

Translation: Japanese Gaming Demographics and Statistics for 2015

You may already be familiar with CERO from past articles and translations that I’ve written. They are the ratings board of the Japanese video game industry, but there’s another important industry group called CESA that does a lot of research about wider Japanese gaming demographics. They released their white paper a couple of weeks ago and a website called Game summed up some of the information within. The full article is translated below:

Domestic Gaming Population is at 43,360,000 People, the Number of Console Owners Also Made Clear — 2016 CESA General Lifestyle Survey Report

March 22, 2016 6:30PM

CESA (Computer Entertainment Software Association) CESA has published a report paper summarizing their survey findings regarding the usage of games in 2015 entitled “2016 CESA General Lifestyle Survey Report – Japanese Game Players and Non-Players Survey-.”

In the “2016 CESA General Lifestyle Survey Report – Japanese Game Players and Non-Players,” a survey was carried out for general lifestyle targeting those who live in Japan nationwide from the age of 3 to 79. Using numbers expanded for the entire population as an estimate from a sample of 2,869 usable survey results, it has posted the contents of its summary that make up the “General Consumer Game Use/Lifestyle” part of its “CESA White Paper.”

  • Smartphone/tablet players take the top place in the gaming population

When investigating the number of users who are either continuously playing console games, PC games, smartphone/tablet games, cell phone games and arcade games, the overall population came to a result of 43,360,000 people. On top of this, comparing the number of continuous players separately in each of the 5 hardware categories, the amount of continuous players in smartphone/tablet gaming was the most, estimated at 30,990,000 people.

Compared to other gaming platforms, smartphone/tablet games and PC games were ones in which players could play in while doing other things. Since there are an extremely large amount of titles that are principally free to play, especially with smartphone/tablet games, the style of playing during short moments of free time may be solidifying. The results are a chance to see that the “play divide” between “play a little every day” smartphone/tablet games and “sit down and really get into it to play” console games are continuing to become split.

  • Console owners are at 52,240,000 people, continuous players at 15,390,000 people

The categories are defined as such: those who own a console in their home are called “console owners,” those who play their consoles are called “active console players,” and those who continue to play their consoles are called “continuous console players.” The results were that there were 52,240,000 console owners; 32,000,000 active console players and 15,390,000 continuous console players.

Among each console game maker, the topic of increasing the amount of use is often raised, and with these results, the current situation we’re seeing is that the demographic of people who “have a console, but don’t really play it” is quite large.  It seems like one aspect for each of the console hardware manufacturers will be how to supply bewitching content and software to make players turn on their systems.

  • Among console play percentages, Nintendo’s 3DS is at the top

Asked which households owned which consoles, the result was that the number one most owned platform was the Nintendo DS at 26.8% (2014 survery: 30.8%), and 2nd place went to the Nintendo 3DS at 25.5% (2014 survey: 23.1%). At the same time as it demonstrates the brand awareness of Nintendo’s portable consoles, we can also know that the transition between the old Nintendo DS to the current 3DS is still moving a bit over time.

As well, when asking the respondents about which console they themselves play (play percentage), the results were that the Nintendo 3DS was number one at 13.3% (2014 survey: 12.7%), but number 2 was surprisingly the Wii at 11.9% (2014 survey: 13.2%). While the explosive popularity of the Wii is now an older console, and may not have the power it had in its heyday, perhaps this points to the fact that people are playing long-term games that have stuck with them in their lifestyle.

The last paragraph has been cut because it’s just an advertisement that the CESA report can be bought and people can look up all sorts of information in it and it has no relevant information on statistics. It’s quite expensive, so if you want more statistics, you’d to have to pay a fair amount.

Today’s Goals and Jobs – 4/15/2016

Here are my goals and the jobs I’m working on for 4/15/2016. To everyone who has contributed, thanks for all the help! Remember to follow me on Twitter to get more updates.

What’s Going On:

For some reason, there’s some sort of weird bug I’m dealing with where the post won’t show up when I edit it, so I only got to edit one translation yesterday in the Changelog. Other than that though, six more supports and another Skinship done! I’m hoping I can ramp up even more than that soon, but we’ll see. We hit a milestone! 1% of all of the massive amount of support conversations are done! I imagine we’ll be hitting percentage points faster now, since I’m essentially doing about 2 full sets a day and the pace should only get quicker.

Ignis x Siegbert C

Ignis x Siegbert B

Ignis x Siegbert A

Eponine x Setsuna C

Foleo x Soleil A

Foleo x Soleil S

Ignis Skinship Lines

Today’s Goals

  • 5+ supports with Skinship and hopefully some main story stuff.
  • Continue to incorporate feedback into editing the translations for better English fluency.
  • Get started on Fawful Friday stuff early so that I can manage the big workload I have.

Possible Complications: Got a rather big work project I need to work on a lot if I’m going to get it done by the deadline.

How you can help out: Please help proofread my translations and let me know if anything’s wrong. All you need to understand is English! Also vote or provide feedback in the feedback posts!

Jobs I Need Done

  • I still some opinions on whether the approach I used in Kamui (M) x Sakura is a good way to handle writing in the personality/politeness types before I continue doing other translations.

As always, there’s a page to discuss matter with others or contact me about how they’d like to help out with the Fire Emblem Fates project. It’s been updated to a new page for April. You can use that page for April to discuss things with other members in a more general nature. Thank you for all the people who contacted me or contributed so far! Much love and respect! As well, don’t forget there’s also a page for you to request any kind of Japanese information you need, regardless of whether it’s about Fire Emblem Fates or not. This page has also been updated for April.

Fire Emblem Fates Ignis Skinship Lines

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and don’t blame the trolls.

Here’s the skinship lines for Ignis. Most of these have been cut in the US/European version due to the removal of the skinship gameplay feature. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.) Please note the numbers correspond to the numbered voice file, but I cut off the beginning code, because it has no relevance here. (Anyone wanting to use this for a translation, should know where it goes by the numbers anyway.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

_00: ひっ!? / Eek!?
_01: ええと… / Um …
_02: な、なんだ…!?/ W-what … !?
_03: 何をするつもりだ…? / What’s your deal … ?
_04: お、おい何か言え…! / H-hey, explain yourself …
_05: 髪はたぶん…母さんに似た… / My hair, it probably … was like my mom’s …
_06: な、なんだか…安心するな… / S-somehow … that relaxes me …
_07: 子供の頃は、こうしてもらうのが好きだった… / When I was a kid, I loved when people did this to me …
_08: ありがとう…褒めてくれているんだよな…? / Thanks … you are praising me, right?
_10: ふっ… / Whew …
_11: ああ / Yeah
_12: 壁のシミが気になるな… / The stain on the wall over there is bothering me …
_13: ひっ、足元に虫が…! / Eeek, there’s a bug down there … !
_14: なぜ一言も喋らないんだ…? / Why won’t you say anything … ?
_15: なんだ、顔に何かするのか…!? / What, you trying to do something to my face … ?
_16: 目つきが悪くて、小さい子には嫌われがちだ… / I look scary, so small children tend not to like me …
_17: 父さんと母さんのどちらに似ている…? / Do I look like my mother or father … ?
_18: 撫でると見せかけてひっぱたく…とかは、無いよな? / You’re not going to pretend you’re going to pet me and then slap me … right?
_20: ん? / Hm?
_21: ふふ… / Hehe …
_22: 俺はどうすればいい… / And what should I be doing … ?
_23: 俺で遊んでいるのか…? / Are you playing with me … ?
_24: 面白い反応はできないぞ…? / There’s no way I can react to that with good humor …
_25: 鎧は固いから気をつけろ… / Be careful, my armor is heavy …
_26: 中には、お守りが仕込んである… / I’ve got protective charms stored within …
_27: 俺は、弱い自分を変えたいと思ってる… / I’ve been thinking I want to change my sorry ass …
_28: やめろ…鎧がそこだけツルツルになるだろう… / Knock it off … if you keep doing that, that spot in the armor is going to get suspiciously shiny …
_30: ふふ… / Hehe ..
_31: こら… / Hey there …
_32: 好きだ… / Love ya …
_33: お前は、幸せか…? / Are you happy … ?
_34: このまま、触れていたいな… / I want to be touched like this …
_35: この手はとても安心する… / Your hands set me at ease …
_36: お前にされることなら、何も怖くない… / I’m not afraid of anything you do to me …
_37: そんな目で見られたら俺は…その… / If you keep looking at me like that … I …
_40: ん… / Mm …
_41: うあっ… / Oooh …
_42: からかっているのか…? / Are you teasing me … ?
_43: …傍に来い / … Come beside me.
_44: ふう…あまり夫を弄ぶな / Heh … don’t play with your husband too much.
_45: どうした…? / What is it … ?
_46: 俺がここで本気になったらどうするんだ…? / What would you do if I took you up on that … ?
_47: 今手を出したら、止まらなくなりそうだ… / If you keep touching me, I’m not going to be able to stop myself …
_48: お前のためならこの身体を、全て捧げても悔いはない… / I’d give everything for you with no regrets …

Translation end!

Translation notes: Ignis has a lot of … going on doesn’t he? Probably used to suggest his lack of self confidence endemic to his character, but do you think I should change any lines for better English fluency? Let me know in the comments below! (I love writing that.)

Changelog:  None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Eponine x Setsuna C

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and don’t tell me it’s not worth moonlighting for.

Here’s the support conversation between Eponine and Setsuna for the C level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Eponine: Ohohoho … I’ve had my fill for the day, I have … / エポニーヌ: うふふ…今日も満足できたわ…

After all, it’s the greatest feeling there is to watch two guys indulging in such frank and friendly flirting with each other. / やっぱり、男の子同士が仲良く会話している姿を見るのは最高ね。

I feel like I my fantasies could burst right now, plunging me into a place I’ve only dreamed of. / 空想が爆発して、一気に夢の国へと行けるもの。

Setsuna: … Welcome home, Eponine. / セツナ: …おかえり、エポニーヌ。

Eponine: Mother!? H-hello … / エポニーヌ: 母さん!?た、ただいま…

You didn’t hear perhaps … my little monologue, did you? / もしかして…今のあたしの独り言、聞いてた?

Setsuna: What? No … I couldn’t really hear what you were saying … / セツナ: え? いいえ…よく聞こえなかったけど…?

Eponine: Whew … Well then, that’s a relief. / エポニーヌ: ほっ…それならよかったわ。

Setsuna: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you … Your room was messy, so I tidied up a bit … / セツナ: そうそう…あなたの部屋ね、散らかってたから片付けておいたわ…

Eponine: … What? My room? / エポニーヌ: …え?あたしの部屋を?

Setsuna: I put all the books underneath your bed on your desk. / セツナ: 寝具の下にあった本は全部、机の上に置いておいたから。

Eponine: Wh-wh-whaaaaat? / エポニーヌ: え、え、ええええええ!?

Th-that means my super secret, treasured books … the ones that I had hidden? / そ、それって、あたしが隠しておいた…秘蔵のお宝本のこと?

Setsuna: … Is something the matter? / セツナ: …何か、マズかった?

Eponine: Y-you didn’t look inside those books!? Please tell me you didn’t look at them!? / エポニーヌ: ほ、本の中身は見てないよね!?お願いだから、見てないよね!?

Setsuna: Your mother has seen nothing … / セツナ: 母さんは何も見ていないわ…

… And even if, hypothetically she did, you’re still her precious little girl. / …もし、仮に見てたとしても、あなたは母さんの大切な子どもだからね。

Eponine: Wh-wh-what do you mean!? What exactly do you mean!? N-nooooooo! / エポニーヌ: そ、そ、それってどういう意味!?どっちの意味なのよ!?い、いやぁぁぁぁぁ!

Translation end!

Translation notes: I think this is hilarious because I think we all know which of the two sexes is more likely to be caught with embarrassing reading material stashed under their bed, so I enjoy the reversal. In any event, is there a part I should probably correct or change? Let me know any constructive criticism or feedback in the comments below!

If you want to see how Nintendo just decided to make a bunch up of dialogue rather than translate what’s there, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed the official translation here.

Changelog: None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)