Today’s Goals and Jobs – 3/31/2016

It’s a brand new day, so here my goals and the jobs for 3/31/2016.  Thanks so much to all the people who have helped out! Remember to follow me on Twitter to get more updates.

What’s Going On

Yesterday, I had to work paying jobs quite a bit yesterday, so I didn’t have as much time to translate. Sorry!

I did manage to translate three Skinship dialogues that were cut out of the international release.

Asama Skinship

Ashura Skinship

Anna Skinship

Today’s Goals

  • Now that I’ve got more time, going back to trying to up the amount of support conversations to more than five a day.
  • Continue translating other parts of the game, including Skinship.
  • Respond to your feedback and help and make relevant changes.

Possible complications: I need to step out for a few hours this morning, but by afternoon I should be able to devote a significant chunk of time to translation, so I hope to make up for yesterday.

How you can help out: I’ll never stop needing different sets of eyes to look over my translations and make sure they’re natural in English, so if you can help out, it would be much appreciated. As well, if I’ve made a change to a translation that you strongly disagree with, let me know. You can updates for all the changes I’m making in the Changelog.

Jobs I Need Done

  • As of now, I only have two opinions that I can see about the name for a hidden world, so please, please leave me a comment on what you think it should be translated as.
  • As always, I need people to spread the word, so we can get as much help as possible!
  • You know what I’m going to say! I need feedback wherever solicited or on relevant translation pages!

Thank you in advance for any help you give and may the ravens always smile upon you!

As always, there’s a page to discuss matter with others or contact me about how they’d like to help out with the Fire Emblem Fates project. It’s been updated to a new page for April. You can use that page for the remaining days of March to discuss things with other members in a more general nature. Thank you for all the people who contacted me or contributed so far! Much love and respect! As well, don’t forget there’s also a page for you to request any kind of Japanese information you need, regardless of whether it’s about Fire Emblem Fates or not. This page has also been updated for April.

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