Project Help: April Edition

We continue to work on translating Fire Emblem Fates more professionally and accurately than Treehouse did. Thanks to all the people who have pitched with helpful comments! If you have anything you’d like to help out on, discuss it here. This page should is for all the project help messages for the month of April (though I suppose in time zones it’s a day early, eh).

In terms of where you can help out, please check out the Today’s Job post category where I update my progress every day (except Saturday) and let you know where you can help out.

We need all the help we can get, whether it be proof-reading, editing, programming or any other type of help. Obviously, if you’re a Japanese learner and you want to use this help you further your studies, by all means. If you’re an English learner who speaks Japanese like me and want to do so as well, start a discussion and let’s all help each other out! Help Karasu Corps to fight for more transparency and truth!

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