Fire Emblem Fates Anna Skinship Lines

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and dream a little dream of me.

Here’s the skinship lines for Anna. Most of these have been cut in the US/European version due to the removal of the skinship gameplay feature. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.) Please note the numbers correspond to the numbered voice file, but I cut off the beginning code, because it has no relevance here. (Anyone wanting to use this for a translation, should know where it goes by the numbers anyway.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

_00: なあに? / Whaaat?
_01: ん~ / Mmm
_02: 私は高いわよ? / I’m high maintenance, you know that, right?
_03: ひと触り100Gでどうかしら? / How about it, 100G for one touch?
_04: ご用件は? / May I help you?
_05: 目の付け所がいいわね? / Oh, you’ve laid your eyes on something interesting.
_06: そんなに触っても、流石に髪の毛は売らないわよ / No matter how you caress it, I’m not going to sell my hair.
_07: 髪飾りとか要らないかしら? 安くするわよ? / Do you need something like a hair decoration?  Want me to sell you one for cheap?
_08: 髪を染める道具があれば、売れると思わない? / If there was a some item that allowed you to die your hair, it would sell like crazy, don’t you think?
_10: ねえ / Hey there.
_11: うふふっ / Hehehe
_12: 竜になれる人だなんて初めて見たわ… / You’re the first person I’ve met who can turn into a dragon …
_13: 今は竜になれないの? / Can you not become a dragon right now?
_14: あなたの刀、何でできてるの? / What’s your sword made of?
_15: 私の顔、他の場所でも見たことあるの? / Perhaps you recognize my face from some other place?
_16: お肌にいいクリームなんか如何かしら? / How about it, want to buy some good skin cream?
_17: 私と同じ姿の人を見かけたら、優しくしてあげてちょうだいね / If you happen to see somebody who looks just like me, be nice to her, okay?
_18: どこかで見たような顔の人…私以外にもいるんじゃない? / Are there not others besides me … whose face you feel like you’ve seen somewhere else?
_20: ん? / Hm?
_21: くすぐったいわ / That tickles!
_22: 私は、どんな世界にもいるわ / I’m … in every world there is.
_23: 撫でられるの、悪くないわね / It’s rather nice to be stroked.
_24: んー、いいわ、上手よ / Mmm, nice, you’re good at this.
_25: そこは別料金よ? / Oh, that’s going to be a separate charge.
_26: どうせ触るなら、マッサージにしてお金を取ればいいのに… / If you’re going to touch me, why not do a massage and charge money for it …
_27: うんうん、好感度が上がりそうよ。…ああ、いえいえ、こっちの話。 / Yes, yes, I feel my friendliness meter values rising. … Oh, no, don’t mind me, inside joke.
_28: 早く平和になって、物がじゃんじゃん売れるようになるといいわ。/ I hope peace comes soon, so my wares can sell like crazy.
_30: うふふ / Ehehe
_31: んもう / Really!
_32: こうされるの、好きになっちゃったわ / I’ve come to like having you do that.
_33: ちょっとだけ、照れるわね / I feel a little … blush coming on.
_34: あなたなら、安くしといてあげる / I’ll make it cheap, just for you.
_35: 他の姉妹と間違えないでね? / You’re not mistaking me for one of my sisters, are you?
_36: こうしてる暇があるなら、あなたも商売手伝ってよ / If you’ve got so much time on your hands, help me out with the store.
_37: あなたって結構、家庭を大事にするタイプなのね? / You’re the type who treasures home life aren’t you?
_40: ん… / Mm …
_41: 今日もお疲れ様 / Good job today
_42: たまには私にも触らせなさいよ / Sometimes I just don’t feel like letting you touch me.
_43: 悔しいけど…あなたのこと、お金より好きよ / I hate admitting this, but … I love you more than money.
_44: 自分の身体も、大切にね / Take care of my body.
_45: 夫といえど、変なことしたらひっぱたくわよ? / You may be my husband, but if you try something funny, you’re getting slapped, okay?
_46: あなたと会えたのが他の姉妹じゃなくて、本当に良かったわ / I’m so glad it was I that met you and not one of my sisters.
_47: もう…私が好きなのは分かったから、今は我慢して? / Oh please … I already know you love me, so cool it a bit, okay?
_48: 仕方ない…今夜はサービスしてあげちゃおうかしら? / I give up … shall I give you a freebie tonight?

Translation end!

Translation notes: Again, there’s not a whole lot going on in these lines that warrants noting on a translation approach, other than you kind of need to know this character’s history with Fire Emblem to translate her little hints correctly. What do you think? Is there better way of working in the wink, nudge, nudge? Let me know in the comments below!

Changelog: 4/1/2016 Due to helpful feedback from Mineral and Matthew Daems, several lines have been changed. As well, several typos and grammar mistakes have been fixed. Where the meaning changes, even if slightly, the originally translated lines can be found below for reference:

16 How about it, want to buy some cream that’s good for the skin?

07 I’ll sell you one for cheap?

05 Oh, you’ve laid your eyes on something good.

06 No matter how you touch it, I’m not going to sell my hair

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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