April Requests

Welcome to the post for April Requests, where you request any Japanese to English translation job you need. Broadly speaking, there are three types of requests I work with:

  • Help with fan translations of novels, games, anime, manga, etc.
  • Specific articles on the ‘net that somebody is wondering about
  • Questions about broader Japan-related issues that I can answer by translating material

You can request by posting in the comments below.

No request is too small or too big. A raven lives to serve! Wondering about an old game? Post your question! Japanese learner who is not sure if a translation they read or saw is accurate? Go ahead! I will honor all good faith requests that I can and work to help you out. You can view the progress for your requests on the Current Requests page, which is constantly being updated every day. Thank you for your interest and have a lovely day. Kaw!


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