Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Aqua x Asama A

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and brew Dory, bottle James and even put a stopper on Beth.

Here’s the support conversation between Aqua and Asama for the A level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Asama: Hello hello hello, Lady Aqua. How fare you today? / アサマ:  やぁやぁ、アクア様。ご機嫌はいかがですか?

Aqua: For the hundredth time, you don’t care, so if you’d please, stop asking. / アクア: だから気にもしていないことを聞くのは止めてちょうだい。

What you care about is what’s inside my heart, not my mood, correct? / あなたが気にしているのは私の機嫌ではなく、私の心の内でしょう?

Asama: No no no nooo, I do make sure to care about you. Your mood … and the health of your heart. / アサマ: いえいえ、ちゃんと気にしていますよ。あなたのご機嫌…あなたの心の健康を。

Aqua: What? / アクア: え?

Asama: I … think of it like this. / アサマ: 私は…こう考えているんです。

What keep your mood in a less than superlative state, it’s none other than the fault of your closed up heart. / あなたのご機嫌が優れないのは、あなたの塞ぎこんだ心のせいなのではと。

Aqua: What the hell do you mean? / アクア: どういう意味?

Asama: Your constipated heart … has you tied up in knots allll over! / アサマ: つまり塞ぎこんだ心が…あなた自身をがんじがらめにしているんですよ。

Inside, your heart desperately wants to be emancipated. / あなたの心の内は解放されたがっている。

Do you not sometimes writhe in the pain of worry, and find it necessary to vomit your heart’s sadness like fresh morning dew to someone else? / 時には悩みや苦しみ、心の悲しみを誰かに吐露することも必要なのではないですか?

Aqua: When you say “emancipated” … ?/ アクア: 解放ですって…?

Asama: Yes, I have heard that by opening up your troubles to someone, there are those who rise to the heights of nirvana in divine relief. / アサマ: ええ、悩みは人に打ち明けることで、大抵は昇華されるものだと聞いたことがあります。

Aqua: By opening up … reach nirvana … / アクア: 打ち明けることで…昇華される…

Asama: Well, in the teachings of the gods and the enlightened, there are such things. / アサマ: 神仏の教えにも、そういうものがあるんですよ。

Though … I do not hold any stock at all with such beliefs.  / まぁ…私はそんなものぜんぜん信じていませんがね。

Aqua: ………… Hehe … / アクア: …………ふふっ…

In short, talk about my troubles? Asama, you beat around the bush way too much. / つまりは悩みを話せってこと?アサマは言い方が回りくどすぎるわ。

If you’d only said that from the beginning. So you’re … worrying about me on my behalf? / 最初からそう言ってくれれば良いのに。あなた…私を心配してくれていたのね?

Asama: Well, it can be said that way, but … it’s fine, you don’t have to interpret my words in a positive way. / アサマ: まあ、そうとも言えますけれど…別に好意的に受け止めなくても結構ですよ。

Because at first all I did was see that dark look your face and get irritated. / 最初はあなたの暗い表情を見ていて、イライラしていただけですから。

Aqua: And just like that, you resort to spitting out dirty words. / アクア: そうやってすぐに悪態をつくのね。

Asama: These aren’t dirty words! / アサマ: 悪態ではありませんよ。

As one who serves the gods and the spirits, I must always and only speak frankly my feelings. / 私は神仏に仕える者として、常に素直な気持ちを述べているだけです。

Aqua: Oh … Well then let me speak frankly of my feelings to you. / アクア: そう…じゃあ私も、素直な気持ちを述べてあげる。

At first, to be honest, you were a total pain in the ass … / 最初は正直、あなたのことが煩わしかった…

But now that I understand that, while it may be very little, you do worry about me, I’m glad. / けれど今は、少なからず心配してくれていたことがわかって嬉しいわ。

From now on, I’ll strive a little harder to rely on others. / これからはもう少し、人に頼れるよう努力する。

… Is that answer perhaps good enough for you now? / …今はそんな返事でいいかしら?

Asama: If your visage would become ruddy with health, then it is not all for the best? / アサマ: あなたの表情が健やかになるのなら、それで良いのではないでしょうか?

Aqua: Haha … thank you, Asama. / アクア: ふふ…ありがとう、アサマ。

Translation end!

Translation notes: Headaches! You give me headaches, Asama! His uber-pretentious way of talking and obfuscating every little small thing lives on here. I’m not exaggerating the tension in this scene either. Neither character really likes each other all that much at this point and I believe since it really shows in the Japanese, it would be dishonest not to reflect in the English. We don’t really have much of a use for expletives like “hell” and “ass” in Japanese, but it fits the tone of Aqua’s speech here.

If you want to see how Nintendo just gave up trying to find a way to convey how Asama talks, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed the official conversation here.

Changelog: None yet.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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