Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Aqua x Ryoma B

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and do a barrel roll.

Edited to version 2.0 with reader feedback. (You can find the original version replicated below.) Here’s the support conversation between Aqua and Ryoma for the B level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Ryoma: Aqua, do you have the time for a bit of a chat? / リョウマ: アクア、少しいいか?

Aqua: Ryoma … you need something? / アクア:  リョウマ…何か用?

Ryoma: No, nothing … remember that thing I told you the other day? / リョウマ: いや、何…この間、お前に言ったことがあっただろう?

When I was talking about relying on me a bit more, not just as a fellow ally, but as a member of the family? / 仲間として、そして家族として、もう少し俺を頼ってほしいと。

Aqua: Y-yes … / アクア: え、ええ…

Ryoma:  Well actually about that, I went and talked to some of the soldiers about it. /  リョウマ: 実はその事について、 軍の者達に相談をしてみたんだ。

… Everyone started pitching their best advice to me like we were brothers confiding in one another, but … / …皆親身になって相談に乗ってくれた。だが…

Even after talking it all out, they couldn’t think of any miracle ideas to bridge the gap between you and I … / 俺がお前との距離を縮められるような妙策は結局聞き出すことはできなかった…

Aqua: Ryoma … / アクア: リョウマ…

Ryoma: Sorry … / リョウマ: すまない…

Aqua: No, that’s quite all right, Ryoma … it’s nothing you should particularly worry about. / アクア: いいのよ、リョウマ…別に気にしなくて。

Ryoma: Well you say that, but … / リョウマ: いや、しかし…!

Aqua:  Besides, telling the subject of your pleas for advice all about it … / アクア: それにそんな話を当人の私にするなんて…

Ryoma, that’s just like you, you’ve no guile in your straight and pure heart. / その裏表のない一本気なところが、リョウマ…あなたらしいわね。

Ryoma: Oh! Oh right … now that you mention it, I probably shouldn’t have been telling you all that. Sorry. / リョウマ: あ! ああ…確かに本人に言うようなことじゃないな。すまない…

Aqua:  Never mind, Ryoma, forget about it … I actually have a request for you. /  アクア: それよりリョウマ… 私からお願いがあるの。

Ryoma: Y-you do? You have only to say it and I’ll do it! / リョウマ: な、なんだ! 何でも言ってくれ!

Aqua: Really, I don’t need your kindness. You needn’t have to make me feel better by thinking of me as your little sister …  / アクア: 私への優しさはもういいの。無理に私を妹だと思わなくてもいいから…

So instead, think of Kamui. / 私の代わりに、カムイを気遣ってあげて。

Ryoma: … What?  / リョウマ: …え?

Aqua: That kind of pure kindness that until now, you gave me … the love of a close family member … / アクア: これまで私にくれたあなたの優しさは…家族としての愛情は…

It was never meant for me, so don’t you think you should give it to Kamui instead? / 本来私ではなく、カムイに与えられるべきものでしょう?

Ryoma: Y-you’ve got to be … / リョウマ: そ、それは…!

Aqua: I have always been … you and our other siblings, / アクア: 私はずっと…あなたや白夜のきょうだいたち、

as well as Queen Mikoto, we’ve spent all this time as a family. / それからミコト女王と、家族としての時間を過ごしてきた。

And I’m happy with just with that. / 私はそれで、じゅうぶん幸せだわ。

Moreover … I wish you would give your love to Kamui, even more than the love you couldn’t give to me. / それよりも…今までできなかった分まで、 カムイを愛してあげてほしいの。

Instead of thinking of me, I wish you’d think of Kamui. / 私のことを考えるより、 カムイのことを考えてほしいの。

That’s my request. That’s all it is, really. / 私の願いは、それだけよ。

Ryoma: W-wait, please! … Aqua. / リョウマ: ま、待ってくれ!…アクア。

So that’s the reason you’ve been avoiding me all this time … / 今まで俺を避けていたのは、そういうことだったのか…

Translation end!

Translation notes: There are some false starts in this conversation where characters start out trying to say one thing and then change their mind to say another, so I tried to convey that. Got some constructive criticisms? Did I make some typos? Let me in the comments down below!

If you want to see how Nintendo’s removed the last chunk of this conversation in the official translation, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed this conversation here.

Changelog: 8/19/2016 Some minor grammar changes and one line has been changed. There is no need to change the honorific structure in the translation here. Where the meaning of the line has been changed, the original 1.0 version is preserved below:

Aqua:  Besides, telling the object of your pleas for advice all about it …

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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