Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Kazahana x Saizou S

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and let your body reject gluten on its own.

Edited to version 2.0 with reader feedback. (You can find the original version replicated below.) Here’s the support conversation between Kazahana and Saizou for the S level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Saizou: Kazahana. / サイゾウ: カザハナ。

Kazahana: Hello there. Saizou, what’s up? / カザハナ: あれー?サイゾウ、どうかしたの?

It’s quite rare for you to call on me. / そっちから声かけてくるなんて、めずらしー。

Saizou: You … why haven’t you come to my place as much lately? / サイゾウ: お前…なぜ最近、あまり俺の所に来ない?

Kazahana: Hm? Were you perhaps, lonely? / カザハナ: ん? もしかして、寂しかった?

Saizou: As if that could ever happen! / サイゾウ: そんなわけがあるか!

It’s just until a little while ago, you used to come stealing my rations all the time, / ただ、少し前までは何度も携帯食を奪いに来ていたのに、

Then you suddenly just stopped coming. I started wondering … if something happened. / いきなり来なくなったからな。 何があったのかと…気になっただけだ。

Kazahana: You were worried about me, weren’t you? Thank you. / カザハナ: 心配してくれてたんだ。ありがとうね。

But if I came to hang out with you too often, you’d think I was just an annoyance. / でも、あんまり遊びに行ったらサイゾウの迷惑になるって思ったのよ。

Saizou: An annoyance? / サイゾウ: 迷惑だと?

Kazahana: Yeah. Didn’t you say as much before? / カザハナ: そ。この前サイゾウも言ってたじゃない。

That, and well, you’re a ninja, I thought maybe if I came bursting in on you, it would interfere with your duties. / それに、忍びのサイゾウの前であんまり騒いだら任務に支障が出るでしょう?

Saizou: You … can consider the feelings of people beside yourself! Amazing … / サイゾウ: お前…一応人への配慮ができるのだな。意外だった…

Kazahana: You’re so mean! I may not look like much, but I’m still a retainer to a royal family, you know. / カザハナ: ひどい! あたしは腐っても王族の臣下なのよ。

You ought to know where you stand and treat me with a little respect. / 一通りの礼儀ぐらいわきまえてるわ。

Saizou: You’re right … sorry. / サイゾウ: そうだったな…すまん。

Kazahana: Jeez … if we keep going on like this, I’ll never get a chance to express my gratitude. / カザハナ: もう…そんなんじゃお礼してあげないよ?

… Wait a minute. That’s right. I forgot all about paying you back. Did you think of anything, Saizou? / …って、そうだ。お礼のこと忘れてたわ。何か思いついた、サイゾウ?

Saizou: Gratitude, huh … that’s it!  / サイゾウ: 礼か…そうだな。

………… / …………

………… / …………

I … want you. / 俺は…お前が欲しい。

Kazahana: Wh- … Whaaaat! You’ve got a strange sense of humor … / カザハナ: えっ…えええっ!?冗談きついよ…

Saizou: It’s not a joke. / サイゾウ: 冗談ではない。

You always drive me crazy when you’re around … but I don’t mind, / お前といるといつも調子が狂うと思っていたのだが…何のことはない、

I came to love you for it … that’s really what it is. I’ve just finally realized it. / 俺がお前を好いていたんだと…それだけだった。それにようやく気づいたんだ。

Kazahana: R-really … so, it really isn’t a joke. / カザハナ: …そ、そうだったんだ…じゃあ、冗談じゃないんだね。

… Thanks. Saizou … you make me happy. / …ありがと。サイゾウ…あたし嬉しいよ。

And if truth be told, I’m kind of … into you too, Saizou. / 実はあたしもね、サイゾウのこと…気に入ってたんだよ。

Saizou: R-really … / サイゾウ: そ、そうか…

Kazahana: But if I were to give myself to you for rations, I’d be a little cheap don’t you think? / カザハナ: でも携帯食のお礼にあたしをあげるってのは、ちょっと割に合わないかな?

Saizou: Well then, what else should I put forth? / サイゾウ: では、俺は他に何を差し出せばいい。

Kazahana: How about if you let me eat more of them from now on? / カザハナ: これからもあれ、もっとあたしに食べさせてね?

Saizou: So … that’s what you were thinking. If that’s all, it’s a pretty easy order. / サイゾウ: なんだ…そんなことか。それぐらい、お安い御用だ。

Kazahana: Yesss! Saizou, thank you! / カザハナ: わあーっ! サイゾウ、ありがとう!

Great, it’s settled. From now on, I’m yours. / うん、じゃあそれでよし!あたしはサイゾウのものになるよ!

Saizou: Hoo … but wouldn’t you still be just a thank you for my rations? / サイゾウ: ふっ…結局携帯食の礼と変わりないではないか。

Eh, whatever. Let me settle the debt by paying you with happiness from now on. / まあいい。足りぬ分は、これからの幸せで払わせてもらおう…

I love you so much, Kazahana … / 愛しているぞ、カザハナ…

Translation end!

Translation notes: There’s not much going on in this conversation that I could clarify. It’s pretty straightforward Japanese. However, I recommend you check out Nintendo’s official translation below, because it’s got a lot of editorializing around the edges, making things up and switching around stuff. Perhaps my translation has some kinks and problems that could be worked out though? Let me know in the comments below. 

If you want to see how Nintendo made them sound like hipsters negotiating the price for an ironic VCR, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed the officially translated conversation here.

Changelog: 8/18/2016 Changes have been made to several lines to reflect suggestions by DJ Deadly Skillz. No changes were necessary to reflect honorifics. Version 1.0 of the changed lines is preserved below:

Saizou: As if that would happen!

Kazahana: That, and well, you’re a ninja, I thought maybe if I came bursting on in, it would interfere with your duties.

Kazahana: You ought to know where you stand and treat me with a little deference.

Kazahana: Jeez … if we keep going on like this, I’ll never be able to express my gratitude to you.

Saizou: In gratitude … that’s it!

Saizou: I came to love you for it … that’s really it. I just finally realized it.

Kazahana: How about if you let me eat more of them from now on, forevermore?

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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