Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Rinka x Tsubaki S

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and handle babies only between the hours of bourbon and whiskey.

Edited to version 2.0 with reader feedback. (You can find the original version replicated below.) Here’s the support conversation between Rinka and Tsubaki for the S level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.) Due to feedback, I am including notes on how I approached translation to better explain the choices I made or any cultural/language concerns. This will be posted after the translation to avoid spoiling or forcing my interpretation before people read the material.

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Tsubaki: Say Rinka, you good to talk for a minute? / ツバキ: あ、リンカー。今いいかなー?

Rinka: Well, if it isn’t Tsubaki? What’s up? / リンカ: ツバキか。なんだ?

Tsubaki: Remember the other day, when I said something like, “I’ve really been thinking about all the ways I act”? /  ツバキ: この前さー、自分の行動について色々考えてみるって言ったの覚えてるー?

Rinka: Yeah. We settled on a truce after talking it out. / リンカ: ああ。結局お相子だなって話をした件だな。 

Tsubaki: Yep, and what’s more, I finally understand. / ツバキ: そうだよー。で、分かったんだー。

I realized why someone like me, who’s always on top of things, would spout stuff that’d tick you off / どうしていつも完璧な俺がリンカを怒らせるようなことを言ったのか。

Rinka: Is that so? And why pray tell, would that be?  / リンカ: ほう。なぜだ?

Tsubaki: I think, well, it looks like I might have fallen in love with you. / ツバキ: どうやら俺はリンカの事が好きみたいなんだよなー。

Rinka: Oh, of course, you fell in love with me … … wait, / リンカ: なるほど、好き……って、

W-wh-wh-whaaaaaat? / な、なな、なにーーーっ!!!

Tsubaki: Err, I don’t get it. You look quite surprised to hear that … / ツバキ:  あれー、どうしたのー?ずいぶんビックリしてるけど…

Rinka: Don’t be an idiot! Saying you love me, it’s saying, well, what it is saying? It’s saying … / リンカ: 当たり前だ!!好きっていうのは、なんというか、その…

Tsubaki: Yeah, it’s love all right. The break out in hives, total crush kind of love. / ツバキ: そうだよー。惚れたはれたの好き。

Rinka: … And how exactly did we reach this grand conclusion? / リンカ: …どうしてそういう結論になった?

Tsubaki: Oh right. Well since the last time we talked, I thought it about it, then I thought about it some more. / ツバキ: うん。あれから色々考えたんだー。

And I said to myself I sure do think about you all the time. / で、結局、俺はリンカの事がすごく気になるみたいなんだよねー。

And I guess that’s why I just run my mouth off and say things I really shouldn’t. / だから、つい言わなくてもいい事まで言ってしまうみたいなんだよねー。

So whaddaya think? / リンカはどうなのー?

Rinka: What do … I think? / リンカ: どう、とは?

Tsubaki: Do you haaaate me? / ツバキ: 俺の事、嫌いー?

Rinka: … No, I definitely don’t … hate you. / リンカ: …いや、そんなことは…ない。

Now that I think about it, I … was the one to start criticizing how you fight, wasn’t I? / 考えてみれば、お前の戦い方について意見を言い出したのは…あたしの方だ。

I think … I suppose I might have … started to think about you … in that way. From that day. / あたしも…なんとなく…お前のことが…気になっていたのだろう。そのころから。

Tsubaki: So … / ツバキ:  じゃあ…

Rinka: Yeah, it looks like I might actually think the same of … / リンカ: ああ、どうやら、あたしもお前の事が…

Tsubaki: Great, what a relief! So that means you’re going to be my bride! / ツバキ: よかったー。じゃあ、俺のお嫁さんになってくれるんだねー。

Rinka: Wha- ! How did we get from “I like you” to marriage plans so quickly? / リンカ: なっ!なぜ急に嫁の話まで行ってしまうのだ?

Tsubaki: I mean if we like each other, then that would be the perfect outcome, would it not? / ツバキ: だって、お互いに好きならそうなるのが完璧な形でしょう?

Rinka: Well yeah, I guess you could say that … / リンカ: それは、まあ、そうかもしれないが…

Tsubaki: You don’t wanna? / ツバキ: いやなのー?

Rinka: I-I’m not saying I don’t want to. / リンカ: い、いやとは、言っていない。

Tsubaki: That’s that, then. Great! Let’s be good lovers, mmmkay? / ツバキ:  じゃあいいんだね!よかったー。これからよろしくねー。

Rinka: O…kay… Wait a minute, is it really okay to just up and do this in such a nonchalant fashion? / リンカ: ああ…って、こんな軽い雰囲気でいいのか?

Tsubaki: It’s not about fashion. It’s about what’s on the inside! / ツバキ: 問題は雰囲気じゃないよー。これからの中身だよ。

I’ll definitely treasure you. Promise. / 絶対大切にするからねー。約束するよー。

Rinka: … That goes for me, too. / リンカ: …あたしも、だ。

Translation end!

If you want to see what Nintendo’s translation was, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed this conversation here.

Translation notes: I put the expression “pray tell” for Rinka in that one line because that ほう (hou) type of exclamation gives off a feel as if the speaker is playing with or humoring the person who said it to them. There seems to be a unwritten rule in English where you’re not supposed to repeat the same word in the same sentence, so I used that to express how flustered Rinka feels with the four repeats of “saying” to match her trying to put it into words in the Japanese version. Do you think there’s better way? In similar style, when Tsubaki says, “You don’t wanna?” I feel like the way he says it is like when you jut out your lip and look like a dejected child with big doe eyes and an exaggerated tone. How can I get that across do you think? Last but not least, I get the feeling Rinka is too stunned to properly reply in the last line, but I’m not quite sure how to get that across. Thoughts?

Changelog 8/18/2016: Thanks to Nadya for her detailed and specific criticisms and typo corrections! There are no honorifics to change in this conversation. I corrected some of them, but here is version 1.0, or the original unedited lines for reference:

Tsubaki: Remember the other day, when I said something like, “I’ve been thinking all sorts of things about the way I act”?

Rinka: Yeah. We settled on a truce after talking out the matter.

And I said to myself I sure do think about you a whole ton.

Rinka: Yeah, it looks like I might actually think of you like …

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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