Poll: Deciding Character Names – Ruuna

In Fire Emblem If, there’s a character who’s name in Japanese is commonly transliterated Ru-u-na. If you can read Japanese, it looks like this: ルーナ.  Because of the way Japanese pronunciation for that first letter works, it can be either L or R. Also, there have been times where translators remove the ー which signifies an elongated vowel sound in Japanese and simply use one vowel instead of two and times when this has not been done.  So in Japanese ルナ (Runa) would be quick and ルーナ (Ruuna) would have a longer “u” sound, something like saying roona vs roooona. Click the link below and let me know what the name should be!

Given this, what should her name be in our Fire Emblem Fates translation?

Thanks for your participation in the poll!

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