Fire Emblem Fates Support Conversation: Rinka x Tsubaki C

Please Note: The following material obviously spoils some of the story of Fire Emblem Fates. Please read responsibly at your own risk and don’t spoil all your eggs in one basket.

Edited to version 2.0 with reader feedback. (You can find the original version replicated below.) Here’s the support conversation between Rinka and Tsubaki for the C level. (Original Japanese is included for reference and better transparency.)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Want to let me if I made a typo or if a better approach would work somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Translation start:

Rinka: ‘Ey, Tsubaki! / リンカ: おい、ツバキ。

Tsubaki: What’s that? Rinka. You need something from me? / ツバキ: あれ? リンカー。俺に何か用ー?

Rinka: I want to talk to you about the last battle we were in. / リンカ: この前の戦いのことで話がある。

Tsubaki: Aaand what about it? / ツバキ: どうしたのー?

Rinka: When the enemy started to retreat, you pursued them pretty deep into their lines, didn’t you? / リンカ: お前、敵兵が後退し始めた時、かなり深くまで追撃してたな。

Tsubaki: Weeell, I don’t think that I went that deep into enemy lines, really. / ツバキ: うーん、そこまで深追いしたとは思わないけどなー。

Rinka: Oh, I think you did. / リンカ: そんなことはない。

Even as we gave chase to them, you had already gone after them to such an extent that we couldn’t follow. / あたしたちが追ってもすぐには追いつけないところまで行っていた。

Tsubaki: Eh yeah, you could say that. / ツバキ: それはまあ、そうかもねー。

Rinka: Is that not dangerous? What would you have done if there were, say, an archer lying in wait? / リンカ: 危険ではないか?弓兵などの伏兵がいたらどうするんだ?

Tsubaki: That’s nothing to worry about. I’m careful enough. I check my surroundings when I’m pursuing someone. / ツバキ: それは心配ないよー。ちゃんと確認して追撃してるから。

Rinka: You say that, but … /  リンカ:  そうは言ってもだな…

Tsubaki: No worries, I’ll be fine. When you’re perfect, you don’t overlook things, don’t ya know? / ツバキ: 大丈夫大丈夫。俺は完璧だから見落としたりしないよー。

It may not look like that way to you, but it is what it is. / リンカからだとそこまで見えないかもしれないけどさー。

Rinka: What the hell! I guess it was a waste to worry about you … whatever, do what you want! / リンカ: なんだと!人が心配しているのに…勝手にしろ!!

Tsubaki: Huh? Made her pretty angry at me. Didn’t even plan on it either. / ツバキ:  あれ? 怒らせちゃったかなー。そんなつもりはなかったのに。

Not cool on my part, especially when she was worrying for my sake. Should apologize next time I see her. / せっかく心配してくれているのに悪いことしたなー。今度謝っとこー。

Translation end!

If you want to see what Nintendo’s translation was, the Fire Emblem fans at Serene’s Forest have transcribed this conversation here.

Changelog: 8/18/2015 Some edits and modifications were made to the above conversation due to feedback and constructive criticism from 昔からオタク and Immahnoob. Thanks guys! It’s appreciated. Please note there are no honorifics used in this conversation. The unedited lines in my original translation, or version 1.0, appear below for reference:

Tsubaki: Eh yeah, you might say that.

Tsubaki: Weeell, I don’t know that I went that deep into enemy lines, really.

Tsubaki: That’s nothing to worry about. I’m properly careful when I’m pursuing someone.

Tsubaki: Huh? Made her right angry at me. Didn’t even plan on it either.

(Nintendo owns the copyright to Fire Emblem Fates/ Fire Emblem if and all material on this site is provided under fair use.)

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