Translating …

Karasu Corps is run by me, RyanoftheStars. I’m a Japanese raven that does freelance writing and who wants to disseminate useful and above all, accurate information about Japan. I take requests to translate things, clarify minutiae, answer questions and many other things on the monthly request page, which can be found here.

8/19/2016 Current progress: 105 support conversations translated (23/1060, 1%), 99 posted to the site. 6 in the midst of posting to the site. Arena Messages list translated. Main Story translation up to Chapter 0 Pre-Battle (1/298, .3%). 11 Skinship dialogue lists translated (12/69, 17%). 1 Special Bonds dialogue list translated (1/69). Made edits to past dialogues from reader submissions and implemented honorific changes up to Kazahana x Saizou first posted 3/27/2016.

Currently, the main thrust behind this site is to provide a more accurate and faithful translation for the Nintendo 3DS game, Fire Emblem Fates. You can help too! Suggest changes or critique translation choices on individual pages, or participate in polls to help decide which direction to go in. Please use the FEF Master List to navigate to whatever translation information you’d like to view about Fire Emblem Fates. Additionally, I’m working on bringing untranslated parts of Tokyo Mirage Sessions to you as well.

All of the information here is free to whomever would like to use it for whatever purpose they would like, so do with it what you like (no need to ask for permission of course), but I am not responsible if you do something naughty! All of the material is translated under fair use and the original copyright belongs to its respective holder in each case.